Policy and Health

Policy and Health

Texting while driving is the act of writing and sending some short messages and in return, an individual will receive a message or messages to read which may be through various channels such as Facebook. Texting while driving is a public health problem and it is quite disturbing that majority of individuals usually involve themselves in this act. Texting while driving significantly affects many people globally (Augustovski, Alcaraz, Caporale, Garcia & Pichon, 2015).  Testing while driving has been one of the greatest vehicle accidents contributors and other areas of concern on public health problem involve; drug abuse harms, healthcare related infection, heart attack and stroke, HIV, food safety, dose prescription, and unwanted pregnancies. Public health problems may result in increased cases of medical attention thus, increased medical costs. With increased medical costs, the country may be pulled back upon their improvement since most of its revenues are to support the healthcare sector.

Road accidents cases have escalated and they can be categorized into vehicles to vehicle accident, vehicle to pedestrian accidents where most of the times the motorcycle riders, cyclers and pedestrians are the most affected. On head-on collision between cars for instance, those vehicles crash and may lead to death or severe injuries to the persons involved (Byrd & Clayton, 2015). Texting while driving in most cases affects the young adults who are the teenagers as they are the ones who usually have that tendency of communicating through short messages at any location unconsciously. In developed countries such as the United States of America, a large number of teenagers typically drive cars to school, and they own cell phones. In return, they will communicate through various platforms which include WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while still driving hence higher chances of road accidents.

Higher road accidents may lead to deaths or severe injuries and this is a major pull back to the development of any given nation. Texting while driving is reckless and the government should intervene to ensure that road policies are adhered to by the drivers. Strictly following road policies would reduce death levels and severe injuries which results from driving and texting by the young adults and the general public at large. Drivers should concentrate whenever they operate to ensure they arrive at their destinations safe and sound (Calvi & D’amico, 2013). In case the driver has been expecting an emergency text, he or she should pull off from the road to a safe location in order to read the, compose another one and send it hence, ensuring road safety as some messages cause emotional changes which might destruct the driver.

As texting and driving is a frequent public health problem, individuals should try various techniques of driving without texting which includes; turning one’s cell phone into silent mode. Also, an individual may completely turn off his or her mobile phone, put his or her mobile phone out of reach or can download an app that prevents him or her from texting while driving.

Severe injuries may reduce the life expectancy of an individual as through an accident, an individual may develop mental health problems, increased use of medicines with efforts to solve the problem and he or she may have difficulties in carrying his or her day to day activities. A paralysed individual may develop low self-esteem and self-confidence once the efforts by the healthcare providers to bring him or her to his or her former being.

Road accidents which may be as a result of texting while driving not only affect the victim but also the society at large. Once an individual has faced the incident, he or she depends upon his or her family members to look after him or her during the period of recovery. On the other hand, an individual may fail to recover and forever remain to be paralysed hence affecting the family members as he or she will be their responsibility. The family members incur the costs of treatment and medicine which may be expensive in most cases (Prince, Wu, Guo, Robledo, O’Donnell, Sullivan, Shi & Singh, 2014). Road accidents may result in poverty in that, the little the family or the victim had, may be sold to obtain money for treatment in case there is the shortage.

To conclude, the general public should take precautions in terms of  their health. The government may be willing to protect its citizens from any harm, but without the willingness of individuals, all is in vain. Texting while driving is a problem which can quickly bring to an end the life of an individual, therefore, human beings should avoid recklessness as they drive to ensure a healthy living. The government, on the other hand, should continue imposing policies on roads such as to operate and at the same time text to ensure accidents at minimal rates (Lubomudrov, 2012). There should be set laws to guide roads operations and in which any driver found breaking them should be punished severely by the security enforcement agencies and safety within the country. Reckless drivers may be imprisoned for a given period as the law decides, or a massive fine on them.


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