Populism, Religion, and Diversity

Populism, Religion, and Diversity

Policies which are followed currently

The United States is covered by anti-discrimination laws which were brought into operation. The civil rights act of 1964 highly prohibits private places from bringing discrimination based on religion, color, race, and origin. The named places of accommodation of the public are hotels, restaurants, health-oriented clubs and banks.

There has been an observation that with the current increase in frequency, most of the individuals and institutions claim to have the right to be discriminative. They have been reluctant to give services to the women, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender community.  They base their arguments for denial of the services on religious objections.

The law does not have any prohibition which is based on sexual orientation, and therefore the gay community does not receive protection under the law. However, policies have been enacted in most of the American states and are based on sexual orientation. Discrimination in public places based on sexual orientation has been prohibited in these places. In a place like California, one is not allowed to discriminate against anyone based on their dressing style. In other states like Arizona, state laws against discriminating the gay community do not exist, but local laws in most of the cities prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Cases of people and institutions who claim to have the right to discriminate based on religion came up a while ago. In the 1960’s there are institutions which were objecting laws that called for integration in hotels and restaurants since they had a sincere belief that God has a will that races stay separate. In other cases, universities which were religiously affiliated came up with policies where they refused to make admission to students who were engaging in dating and are from different races (Muskal, 2015). In such cases, it is important to recognize that requiring integration is not really about bringing violation to liberty based on religion. Instead, it can ensure that fairness is achieved.

In the United States, religious freedom creates a meaning that people have right to what they believe in religiously, but it, however, does not give anyone the right to manipulate religion into discrimination and forcing impositions on other people who do not share the same beliefs.

How policies on religion have been used to discriminate against women in medical care and employment

There are hospitals, insurance agencies, health care institutions and chemists which often discriminate against women by coming up with policies that do not allow them to access means of basic care such as emergency contraception, abortion and birth control, all in the name of religion. There are cases where schools which are religiously affiliated get to fire women once they are pregnant outside marriage or for adopting the use of in vitro fertilization.

Policies on discriminating against LGBT community in services

In most of the states, there exist policies where businesses are prohibited from exercising discriminating against clients and customers based on the sexual orientation, race, and religion. However, people who own businesses claim that they are not supposed to adhere to the laws and therefore them providing services is not a must. Such services may be in the form of lodging, dresses for wedding, offering services related to photography. This is because people who own the businesses are objective to relationships of the same sex. There are organizations based on social services that get funding from government but deny their services to couples of the same sex.

In medical care, there are students who are training to eventually become professionals in the field of mental health and medicine. They are seen to deny treatment to the LGBT communities. They also deny counseling sessions to people who are of the LGBT communities. People who are seen to suffer especially in the cases of counseling are the gay community. The social officers often refuse to offer counseling sessions to them.

Policies on discrimination against people based on religion

Policies on discrimination against people based on their religion have been established. People from the Muslim community have always been treated as part of the community. They have been allowed to receive education services, hotel, and hospitality, shopping, car services as well as banking services. However, there are setups which do not accommodate this group of people, and this is considered as breaking the law.

How policy changes may affect the issue

President trump looks forward to coming up with a policy and order which denies the federal government the right to punish persons or institutions which are in support of marriage as coming together of a lady and gentleman (Gjetlen, 2017).  In addition to this, the president aims to set a national policy on equipping Muslims with special identification cards. The policy is meant to allow services to be offered to Muslims only when they produce the identification card.

If the policies of discrimination are to change, it means that businesses can refuse to serve people even if they belong to a specific group of people. However, refusing to serve the group of people should not be arbitrary, and it can never be applied to a single group of persons (Haskins, 2015). To stay away from being arbitrary, a reason for denying service should exist, and the business should ensure that they are consistent. The business could come up with a certain dress code meant to ensure that decorum is maintained or they should have a health-related policy based on employee policy. This is to ensure that businesses do not appear as they have just randomly denied one service based on the appearances or dressing. The policy should be applied to every person. For instance, it would be inappropriate to turn away a black person who decides to put on a tie and allow a white person to walk in.

How organizations should respond to changes in the policies

Organizations may come up with training sessions for its employees. In the training sessions, they are taught on how to politely handle a customer who they are not allowed to give services to.  They should be trained on giving proper explanations as to why the organization no longer offers services to them. As much as the customer will be feeling bad about not receiving the services, the organization will have handled the customer in the right manner. This is a good way of doing business since the customer may bring business to the organization by referring a friend or someone who might need the services of the organization.

Organizations may also consider the option of opening up new branches for the specific group of people. The religious reason behind not offering services to the specific group of people may be based on intermingling with other people whose religious beliefs limit them from giving services. However, the organizations and businesses may look for people who are discriminated against and use them to start up a place where they will be the ones who manage and offer services to people who are like them. The business is likely to grow since people of the group will feel accepted while intermingling with people of their kind. This could mostly apply to members of the Muslim and gay community. For instance, a gay photo studio may be established. The gay people should be the ones offering services to fellow gay couples.


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