Portfolio Artifacts List

Portfolio Artifacts List

Three Mandatory Components to include and Reasons for their inclusion

The three most important artifacts to include are personal profile, goals, and position to work in. The personal profile shows the various details about a person inclusive of the name, address, age, gender, nationality, work experience, skills, hobbies, among others. The goals will indicate what the individual is set to achieve if provided with the opportunity (Kock, Heising, & Gemünden, 2015). My goal is to a have the chance to train, manage and assess people in an organization in the event of the possibility arising. The position include the job that the individual is seeking to obtain if the opportunity shows. My selected area is to become a human resource manager. These components are essential for inclusion in Portfolio. They describe the applicant thoroughly and can be used to determine their competitiveness for a given job. Therefore, the said elements are necessary for a portfolio.


I will include letters of recommendation retrieved from the previous work environments. These letters are important since they indicate my competency, knowledge and skills towards become a human resource manager. The letters emanate from the firms I have worked in previously. They indicate my performance and tell readers how I can be helpful to the party seeking my services.

Certificates, Records, and Licenses

The certificate to include in this portfolio will be the degree in general studies. The degree indicates that I have achieved higher education and fulfilled the same. The degree will also show the concepts learned and if they conform to required position or is sufficient to support the same.


Kock, A., Heising, W., & Gemünden, H. G. (2015). How ideation portfolio management influences front‐end success. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 32(4), 539-555.

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