Power point capstone 2

Power point capstone 2

Introduction to the work is straight to the point. The reader has introduced what the PowerPoint intends to talk about. This is an essential aspect for the reader since the audience will feel the need to continue with the presentation. The work is organized into significant topics which enable the reader to flow with the content properly. The content will be easy to understand, easy to remember even after the presentation is over.

The PowerPoint presentation has proper spelling and grammar. This shows that the writer has authority for language. This means that the writer went through the work before presenting it. The presentation, however, is written in multiple fonts. Some of the fonts are not clear and may be strenuous for the person reading the text. The multiple fonts used in the presentation may be distracting to the reader. The PowerPoint presentation should stick to one font.

The writer has had proper color integration and the colors used are compatible. This has created a good theme for the piece of work. The power point presentation has used a plain background which will make it easier for the reader and therefore distraction will be avoided.

The PowerPoint presentation has made use of pictures and images. Using them sparingly has helped enhance visual interest, and the audience will be engaged during the presentation. They constantly remind the reader of the subject matter which in this case is ‘best buy’ company.

The power point has so much information, and texts should be minimal since slides should act as a visual aid. This helps the audience maintain eye contact with the person carrying out the presentation.  Bullet points and keywords should be the ones being used in most of the cases.


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