Prisons and Prison Life

Prisons and Prison Life

Outstanding Issues on the Bureau of Justice Statistics Websites

The Bureau of Justice statistics contains all information on various crimes and convictions in the US. It also provides a lot of information concerning the American jails, the inmates and all statistics relating to them. There is a lot of interesting statistics on the websites concerning various crimes that occur in the land and beyond. Among these, the Survey of Sexual Victimization (SSV) (Formerly Survey of Sexual Violence) page has various stunning statistics which are not only hard to believe but also quite disturbing. According to this page, there has been a significant increase in the cases of sexual victimization in the period 2007 and 2012. Secondly, nearly 9,500 allegations of sexual harassment and victimization of juvenile or youth persons were reported in state or local facilities from 2007 to 2012 (McCarthy, 2). Out of these claims, fifty-five percent involved young people to youth sexual offenses whereas forty-five percent involved staff on youth sexual victimization. These figures are too high for a civilized nation which claims to embrace harmony and has a robust justice system.

Upon in-depth investigation, 25% of youth and 10% of youth and staff sexual victimizations cases where successfully substantiated within six months. Despite this, only about a half of the victims or partakers of this crime have access to proper psychological support and counseling, which only worsens some of the young persons involved instead of correcting them. Therefore, a lot needs to be done in the modern society to ensure the safety of every American either in jail or free. No one should be sexually harassed of victimized, regardless of the crime they are accused of.

Beyond the Bars Peace and Reconciliation Event

A collaboration between the University of Warwick and Criminal Justice Center and a range of charity organizations organized an event in central London recently at the St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and hope (Chamberlain, 1). The event was dubbed “Beyond the Bars.” This event sought to display not only the various talents which prisoners have but also restore reconciliation between the prisoners, their families and the promoters of different forms of art which can help them grow. The event gave the prisoners a stage to display their talent in art in particular through their music. Most of the performers at the event were established artists in prison, whose work has managed to sell beyond the walls of the prisons. It features literature, poetry, plays and other forms of art which aimed at painting the picture of the inside to the world beyond and the attendants of the event (Chamberlain, 2).  The performances also sought to display the prisoners as “less evil” than most people on the inside refer to them.

The event also gave several prisoners the opportunity to meet with producers, publishers and art promoters who can help them grow their talents  both within the prison as well as once they are out. In addition to that, it brought other ex-convicts in the society who have made it on the outside to the prisoners to encourage them on having hope for their future freedom. For example, Jolle, an upcoming author who managed to publish a book called “Songs My Enemy Taught Me” by Out-Spoken Press (Chamberlain, 2).  Various other presenters were encouraged to keep working on their talents as one day they would be free. The event managed to bring peace to several prisoners, families, publishers and many other companies that will aid in transforming them into new beings.

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