Process for Measurements of the Prospect Employee

Process for Measurements of the Prospect Employee

Before any sales person is added to the sales team, the company would perform process for measuring each of the prospect candidates in relation to their work. The process for measurements entails procedures that help in establishing the perfect and the right person who can help the company achieve its goals and objectives. One of the most vital process for measuring how effective candidate can be is by checking the performance of the employee in terms of sales. Performance measurement entails developing a way through which productive prospect employee can be identified. Quality of work is one of way checking performance among the employee. Timely completion at desired standard acts as vital indicator while measuring performance of an employee. Another way of measuring performance is by observing one’s personal habits. Personal habits and attitude can explicitly detract employee from performing as required. Another way of measuring performance is by carrying out a client survey. Through client survey, random checks are performed to check quality standards demonstrated by an employee. Employee performance evaluation would encapsulate areas of ethics as well as personal achievements. However, the most important thing is addressing any issue discovered.

Working schedule is another process of measuring before an employee is added to the sales team. Working schedule essentially entails how an employee is scheduled to work at respective positions at set period of time. Checking the working schedule of the prospect employee will help in measuring whether an employee will assists the company to achieve its goals as well as objectives set forth. For instance, if an employee has been able to explicitly work in line with his or her work schedule, then the employee can as well fit in the position. An employee who articulates working schedule in an appropriate way will be vital in helping the company to achieve its goals.

Organizational structure and employee productivity are aspects that work hand in hand towards promoting success within any company. Organization structure usually affects how the performance of a company. Thus, it is crucial to measure the level at which the prospect employee will be able to adapt to the organization structure. Since the company is need of an internal marketing person, the measurement will help in indicating whether he can fit in organizational structure. The internal marketing person will coordinate the external marketers and sales team which is a part of organization structure. Thus, the prospect employee in that position will be measured to ascertain the competitiveness in maintaining the organization structure of the company. Another important process of measuring an individual before being added to sales team is by checking the working experience. Before an individual is recruited in that position, he or she should have an experience of about 3 to 5 years in the field related to offering exclusive alcoholic beverages to hotels, restaurants and clubs and private and corporate functions. Also, the person should have knowledge in relation to wine testing and presentation training, brand building, advertising as well as staff training on sales and marketing.

Human Resource Processes

In relation to HR process, recruitment and selection, organization needs as well as legislation and mandate proves to be vital process which would enable the company to achieve its goals and oversee performance using its resources. In relation to organizational needs, the person to be brought to the sales team need to be evaluated to ascertain that he has capabilities of achieving the organization needs. Internal marketing person should be able to coordinate the relationship between external marketers and sales team which is the organization need in that position.

Recruitment and selection is another strategy employed by the Human resource to ensure that Company achieves its goals and objectives. Recruitment and selection process necessitates application of several steps. The first and the most important step for the human resource process is to come up with job description. Job description would cover the title of the position which in this case is an internal marketing person. Also, job description would encapsulate duties and responsibilities of the employee which would help the company to achieve its goals. In terms of responsibilities, the employee will be responsible of establishing a proper coordination between the sales team and the external marketers as well as coming up with strategies that will help the company to manage and analyze interactions of the customers with the company by establishing proper customer relationship management. The next strategy would be to make a decision on whether the recruitment will be either external or internal. In this case, the strategy would enable the company to select the best employee. External recruiting is as strategy will involve recruiting employee who is not a current worker of the company while internal recruiting will be involve recruiting the performing employee from the  company. In the case of the company, external recruiting will be the effective since the employee will add more skills in relation to provision of exclusive alcoholic beverage. Moreover, external recruiting will be the most effective considering that the company has seven current permanent staff.

The other strategy would involve selecting the best employee who fit for the position. The appropriate way select the right person is by employing the use of interview. The interview will encapsulating testing and initial screening. Testing will ensure that the job and skills of the candidate accords the job description highlighted previously. On the other hand, initial screening will involve asking questions to the candidate to cross-check his/her competencies. Finally, the right candidate will be selected based on the strategies highlighted.

Legislation and mandate is another human resource strategy that would help in accrediting a person before being added to the sales team. Mandate entails accrediting capability of a person in achieving requirement stipulated by the company while legislation entails establishing whether an individual would be able to adhere to various legislatures specified by the company.


In conclusion, it is clear that process for measuring proficiency of an employ acts as the most important aspects which would enable the company to perform effectively. As highlighted, measuring performance and checking experience are among the process for measuring prospect individual to fill the post. Also, it is clear that human resource process acts as way which would enable the company to achieve its goals as well as overseeing performance.

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