Process Recording Assignment

Process Recording Assignment

Purpose of this assignment:

A process recording is a written summary of the interactions/sessions between the client and psychiatric nurse practitioner (PNP) student. By reconstructing the verbal and non-verbal of this interaction, the student is able to retrospectively examine and analyze the communication which occurred. This examination allows the student to be aware of the content, process, and flow of this interaction. By examining communication, there is transparency of ones own feelings, transference and countertransference becomes illuminated, and the student is able to be a more effective communicator and possibly gain self-awareness. It is very important to note there may be a need to be supportive and silent as well; this is a skill called listening. Another purpose of the process recording is to help clients gain insight about their problems and function more effectively. You should be thoughtful about this assignment, read the directions to understand what you must begin to do, and explore what is occurring verbally, non-verbally, and what the meaning behind it may be.

The introduction of this assignment should include background information about the clients health history. This should be in narrative form.

To assist the PNP student with client process recording remember the following:

Use open ended communication, avoid why or questions that elicit a one word response. In order to assist the PNP student with movement from general and ambiguous terms to meaningful client communication, the use of the following questions will gain more specific information: Who?; What?; When?; Which?; Where? At times you may say go on; tell me more; then what; How did you feel?Avoid judgment or social terms such as thats nice.

Reconstruct an interaction with a client using the table below.

PNP Student said:
Client said:
Client non-verbal:
PNP thought/feeling:
In the PNP Student said column reconstruct what you said as closely as possible as you can remember. You cannot write everything down.

In Client said column verbatim statements during the interaction. If the client said you remind them of their sister, friend, brother, father, mother, and/or teacher, please identify what is occurring.

In Client non-verbal column write non-verbal behaviors, such as client is restless, has poor eye contact, or is inappropriately smiling when discussing thoughts of suicide.

In the PNP thought/feeling column indicate your thoughts or cognitive responses and feelings or affective response (examples are sadness, anxiety, fear). If there is countertransference, give details here. Do not write no countertransference occurred.

In the Analysis column of the process recording, identify values, beliefs, attitudes, expectations, assumptions, and how they may influence the client. Choose a theorist (or use multiple theorists) to explain what emotional, developmental/cognitive, behavioral, and physical stage or state the client is in.

Summarize this process recording by:

Identify client resistances to disclosing and examining potential or existing issues.

Identify verbal and nonverbal behavior that indicates resistance in dealing with a psychiatric-mental health and/or physical problem.
-Identify any defenses you thought the client demonstrated.

Identify responses to the client which were ineffective or judgmental. How would you improve in the future?

Identify transference and countertransference issues. Did this promote a therapeutic relationship or hinder it, why?

(Each element is worth 3 points, format is worth 5 points)

Clients Name: “Linda”
Age 51
Marital status: Single  Divorced
Occupation: unemployed  disability
Ms. Linda came to see me today because she is concerned about her current financial situation and discouraged about getting any help.
I am hoping that she will open up to me and I will help her understand the problem in a way that can lead to effective problem solving.

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