Process Recording

Process Recording

Linda is 51 years old woman. She is a single lady that has experienced bad times due to her financial problems. Linda has developed ulcers. A problem she has experienced for the last two years. An ulcer is a situation that is triggered by stressful moments if not depression. It seems that her situation has never changed for a time since she has never overcome her financial situation for the last two years.

Name of interviewer: ____________________________________________________________

Name of client:  Linda___________________________________________________________

Date:  ________________________________________________________________________

I.PURPOSE OF THE SESSION: Linda was referred by a friend because she is depressed and discouraged crisis regarding her financial situation. Though, in the meeting, Linda disclosed that part of her financial situation and discouragement was caused by the unemployment as well as family issues. Such matters regarded her marital status.

II.OBSERVATION: Linda had a clean appearance, in a sad and depressed state of mood. Good manners, well-spoken, and had typical mannerisms. Linda presented herself with distress and was tearful throughout the session.


Supervisory      comments Interview content            (PNP student said, client said) Student’s gut-level feelings Client’s        feelings/affect Identify interventions & major themes
PNP Student said: How are you coping with your financial situation?

The client said: (silence)Well, it has been difficult for me. (watery eyes) If I am awake, I feel so sad that I do not have money. Then I try to find something to do, but I am frustrated. I have a feeling that I need to work, but I know that it will be useless because I do not have any form of employment so far. (tearful)

I just feel… (tearful) You know I need money to sustain my bills, but I do not have a job.

PNP Student said: what is your marital status?

The client said: I am single despite turning 51 years due to the divorce I had with my former husband three years ago. I am unable to endure this every day. Because it pains me that I lack money and am not working anymore with no support from somebody next to me.


PNP Student said: Quiet and nodded.

What caused your divorce with your husband?

The client said: it was because of my Barrenness. He was so unveil


PNP Student said: Do you get support from your family?

The client said:  since we divorced with my husband three years ago all my family have deserted me. They never pick my call, visit or call me. Whenever I decide to visit them, they ignore me. (Tears rolling)I am living a very solitude life with nobody to assist me out. It is so devastating to have no income as well as moral support from those you love.

PNP Student said:  Have you ever contemplated committing suicide?

The client said: Yeah to some extent I have been thinking of living anymore, but I still believe that God has something for me. One when I went home and realized I did not have anything to eat, I felt like jumping off the roof so that this pain could go way without stressing me.

Linda was very distressed with the financial situation so emotional because it is hindering her from meeting her daily bills such as water bill, electricity bill and feeding herself. Linda was sad, depressed, but was insightful on her actions and thoughts.  Linda seems sincere. Genuine, friendly, and comprehensive. Very tearful and emotional. Interventions: Suggested Linda should attend counseling sessions. Which Linda pointed out that she was already attending a financial literacy, but stopped a week ago because she found it pointless and felt like she wasn’t getting anything out of it if she had no money to manage. I also, suggested for her if she could consider working for the community work to earn at least a living. Linda liked the idea so much since she knew she could once again get some money to meet her financial problems with ease and she embraced the idea wholeheartedly.


IV Impressions/Assessment 

  • What did you observe throughout the session “behavior and effect.”

Linda was so distressed as well as going through a financial crisis. She is confused and concerned about so many problems that she cannot handle. She lacks the support from the family. She is also neglected by the husband due to her barrenness after several years of living together. She was tearful throughout the whole session, but did remain calm and didn’t have abnormal behavior.

  • Was the behavior or affect appropriate?

Yes, Linda behavior or effect was appropriate because her hand and facial expression followed the content of the conversation. She cried when needed and was just very emotional.

  • How does this behavior or change fit with what you know about the client’s past behavior or effect?

I cannot give a final answer because this was her first session, but with continued interaction, I will be able to know the behavior of the client and effects.

  • Identify the major themes/issues that emerged (Pitman, 2010).

Unemployment and inability to plan: Problem with getting a job to earn a living had obsessed her conversation. Her primary concern was to get a job to enable her to satisfy her financial problems. She had resolved to be stable without any family support only if she gets a job that can sustain her and meet her primary need which was getting financially stable. She had hoped that if the husband had not left her, she could be in good position but the divorce has left her in a real situation.

Family issues: She is so much depressed by the fact that her own family has disowned her after the husband left her three years ago. Nobody supports her financially despite having no job. She is fighting it on her own with a lot of pain as she has nothing to eat on some occasions. The divorce case due to the barren situation was devastating that she could not talk about it with tears rolling from her eyes.

  1. Use of Professional Self:Choose two significant interventions you made:
  • identify/describe

To allow Linda recognize her strengths and as well as her ability it to do it by herself without relying on anybody. I intervened and pointed out her ability to continue with financial literacy classes to enable her to learn how to plan and use money at the same time consider taking jobs through the community program to get her living.

  • What was your impression of your effectiveness

There was some effectiveness. She was positive about my initiative to assist her to improve the situation. She felt like her financial situation is finally solved from my solution, and there was no need to contemplate committing suicide (Pitman, 2010).

  • What would you change?

I would like to ensure that the client has a high self-esteem in her daily life through her stability. This can only happen if she gets a job to enable her to get some income to overcome her financial situation.

  1. Plans:(Brief statement of your plans for the next session, long-range goals, short-range goals that are relevant for this client) (Pitman, 2010).

Plans for next session are to focus on what we discussed in this session with Linda. Get clarifications on Linda’s behalf on the stories and further explore the story with the husband before their divorce. For the last meeting, Linda wants to get a job to meet financial needs. Continue with strengthening Linda; I am sure this shall be the best thing for her especially in getting her initiative since we last talk on the issues deliberated. Long range is for Linda is to have a higher a financial stability by continuing to highlight her strengths.

  • Issues, Questions or Problems:(To explore in supervisory sessions.)  Areas to explore in your supervisory conference: include issues of diversity, value dilemmas, counter-transference (Pitman, 2010).

Diversity: I had an easy time with this session because Linda was sincere, but she needed to find an alternative to the financial problem as soon as possible.


Pitman, A. (2010). Asylum application process: the psychiatric patient’s experience. The Psychiatrist34(8), 344-348. doi:10.1192/pb.bp.109.024968


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