project management

project management

The manager should do the following activities to assure stakeholders that the project is managed within scope and schedule. Firstly, holding Pulse Meetings.

These are brief meetings by the project team members where this team gathers performance information of the underway activities.  According to (“Project Management Guru Monitoring and Controlling Tools,” 2017), these meetings should frequently be done either virtually or face to face. The beginning, progress, and completion of the project are reported. The progress or the status of the underway activities is communicated to the stakeholders and other project management team members. The status of the project determines the frequency of this kind of meeting. Pulse meeting may happen several times a day when the situation is extreme and when the progress is smooth it usually happen once in a week.


Secondly, we have the generation of Variance Reports. These reports are generated to compare what has been completed on a project against what was expected to happen on the project. These reports are of two types; current period variance which indicates how the allocated resources well conducted project activities according to the plan in the recent past. The other kind is known as cumulative variance which shows how the resources were able to perform activities well through the lifecycle of the project. It removes effects of any short-term conditions that during recent reporting period affected the project. Lastly, we have scrum or sprints development overview. According to (Watt, 2017), Sprints are viewed as small project phases of two to four weeks. Scrum spends a brief daily meeting of the team to check what had been done previous day and what is planned for the following day.


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