Prostate-specific antigen

Prostate-specific antigen

Prostate-specific antigen is a medical assessment that analyses the level of particular protein agents in a man. This is done through blood tests in a lab for analysis, after which the results are regularly reported as monograms of Prostate-specific antigen per milliliter of blood. If a rise is noted of with regards to the Prostate-specific antigen levels, there could be a problem with the individual’s prostate. The problem can vary from, prostate cancer, prostatitis or else an enlarged prostate problem. However, other issues could make the PSA levels to increase, meaning that one does not have to suffer from the named diseases, but one should insist on other tests to understand the reason for the rise.

Bell, Gorber, Shane, Joffres, Singh, Dickinson, and Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (2014), explains that the test is beneficial mostly because it can assist doctors to understand the individual problem even without the disease particularly developing symptoms, for example, it provides a chance for one to have treatment before prostate cancer picks up or shows any signs. On the other hand, the test helps individuals who are at risk with regards to prostate cancer to spot any changes in their body as early as possible through the regular tests, which could be beneficial since if the problem is noted on an early stage, it can be treated. Also, it may stop cancer from spreading and causing other problems in the body.


According to Godtman, Holmberg, Lilja, Stranne, and Hugosson (2015), prostate-specific antigen test is one of the simple, cheap and fast methods of preventing and controlling prostate cancer, although new technologies and advanced medical practices could disregard the test, is still one of the best approaches. Additionally, the test works the same as the self-breast exam (SBE), which is helpful and can be done regularly instead of having a doctor doing tests on your body, which is health cheap an less time-consuming approach.


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Godtman, R. A., Holmberg, E., Lilja, H., Stranne, J., & Hugosson, J. (2015). Opportunistic testing versus organized prostate-specific antigen screening: outcome after 18 years in the Göteborg randomized population-based prostate cancer screening trial. European Urology, 68(3), 354-360.


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