PTSD in rape girls(or women) Short-term and Long-term

PTSD in rape girls(or women) Short-term and Long-term

Disclosure to traumatic activities initiates Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and extreme psychological agony occurs as a result of subjection to the act. Diagnosis is done when signs last for more that one month to avert distressing effects. Traumatic actions like rape results to both short term and long term anxiety returns with those experiencing long-term stress returns continuing to task at prime level while those unable to operate at normal levels or face some difficulties in several areas may result in posttraumatic stress disorder(PTSD).

Short-term Effects

Unfaithfulness and tremor that someone that they trusted and loved or even somebody they felt secure with could hurt them in such a way. When those people who they trust turn against them and dirty acts that affect the individual mentally by feeling betrayed by people who very close to them it results in a deep shock. The sense of being humiliated by others because of the act which majority consider the individual dirty. Humiliation is as a result of somebody who even they loved could do such a thing like that to them or even think they might have been worth it somehow.

Guilt and even Anger

Victims feel guilt because of thinking that they have made it been better or try to perfect their relationship it could not have happened which makes them angry on themselves for not taking control of the situation.

Lack of Ability to Trust Men          

If someone could do such a thing to them there is the feeling of not even being loved since real sense someone who logically loves someone could never do something like that to them, therefore, trusting men who even can or love them becomes hard.

Incapability of being comfortable with sex or even affection fear

Due to the forced sex which even sometimes result in major injuries, they cannot feel at peace repeating the same thing with even people who loves them because being they even being repeatedly assaulted which makes them fear sex or even feel uncomfortable while in the act. It occurs since they don’t know who to trust or even where is safe for them.

Long-term Effects

Sexually Transmitted Infections

These mostly happen where sexual manipulation was a fragment of the bodily abuse. In the individual who committed the act of raping was suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, it might be passed to the victim in the process especially where the rapist doesn’t take protective measures. On some instances, you find that individual had the intention of infecting the victim with a certain infection which knows he suffers from maybe for revenge purposes or even to ruin the victim’s life.

Social withdrawal

Rape preys experience unfamiliar thoughts about the sidereal of rape and try as hard as they can to stop recalling the incident which results in the feeling of being emotionally dead as they do not experience feeling of any kind. They have a retarded interest in their doings e.g. job and even their children.

To ensure with these signs, most of the victims are likely to engage in alcohol and drug abuse in the attempt to setback relief from the symptoms. This  results to them having major drug misuse challenges and also severe alcohol problems. Help to this is sufficiently available due to the growth of knowledge body and support groups which was established so that survivor can share experiences regularly when they meet which helps relief the symptoms unlike engaging in drug abuse.


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