public health

On June 30, 2015, California Governor Gerry Brown signed SB 277, vastly reducing allowable exemptions for mandatory school immunizations. Your state legislature is considering a similar bill (or if you live in California, revisiting the law).

Prepare a 3-5 page analysis (not including title page and references) that examines the public health, legal, and policy issues involved in these deliberations.

Basically, you pretend your state is planning to do the same thing and you analyze this issue. This issue is directly related to public health law & the police power of the states vs. individual Constitutional rights. So you need to start by understanding those concepts. Here are some resources that will help you do that:

Public Health Power.pdf (one of the best explanations of these concepts that I have seen)

CCS Chapter 4.pptx

public health power and the police powers of the state.pdf

Note that these are not the only resources on this topic but it should get you started on learning what you need to know for the first assignment

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