Purpose Ph.D. in Business Administration

Statement of Purpose Ph.D. in Business Administration

I am submitting my application for the Ph.D. program in Business Administration at Morgan State University since I hope to engage in the career of research and teaching Administration. Most notably, I am interested in factors that impact the competitive performance of a business concern and ways through which changes in technology tend to affect an organization’s long-term business strategy, structure, manufacturing, product development, distribution network, supply chain, standard systems and information needs. To gain an appreciation towards these and other related issues, it is imperative for me to have a sound solid grounding in Supply Chain Management, Economics, and matters related with Information Technology including getting an in-depth understanding of a General Administration Perspective.

I trust that the Ph.D. Business Administration program coupled with the concentration in accounting is going to be an invaluable help towards the achievement of my objectives. Additionally, it will offer me the chance of channeling my conceptual and quantitative skills in the process of analyzing various business issues besides opening new avenues in the field of research. Upon earning my Ph.D. I would be able to make applications for a facility position in renown and reputable university. Such a situation will enable me to assess and investigate several issues concerned with technology since it has the capacity of affecting an organization’s structure, strategy, and systems.

I believe that my background in Management and Administration has prepared me adequately for the future career in research. Research has been a fascinating career since my enrollment to for masters’ degree in business Administration where I was among top performing students who were judged after having presented an excellent and comprehensive paper at the accounting department. Four years of studying business Administration degree with a concentration in accounting have offered me with a firm grounding in analytical and mathematics skills under business studies. I was able to obtain excellent performance in various theoretical aspects of technology, accounting, and commercial papers.

I joined Shenandoah Business School for the purpose of broadening my views or perspective as well as to improve my career prospects. Subjects such as Psychology, English literature, and economics were much new to me, but they were fascinating and helpful. These topics enabled me to apply conceptual and quantitative skills needed to analyze various business problems. As a result, I was able to perform well in desk research, projects, class discussions and workshops although I did not reach my projected performance levels mainly due to culture the culture shock, which I was experiencing. However, I have to note that I was among the most promising students in my particular batch and I was awarded for the best business school project at the national level.

Following my graduation in my undergraduate degree certificate, I was offered a job as an administrator at Khaled Al of Qannas Trading Group, which is the largest Administration consulting firm based in Saudi Arabia. Qannas Trading Group enhanced my principle application skills regarding lessons of Administration as far as real-life issues. It was both transforming and fascination towards my interests and passion in Administration research. Continuously, I developed a habit of gaining more information about Administration and administrative thinking in various areas of my work systems and structures in industry and organization of strategy and marketing.

I gained considerable knowledge during my last job such as interpersonal skills with my fellow team members. As a team, we were tasked to analyze markets besides assessing supply and distribution of various market networks in an incredibly diverse industry and product. I had assisted in the process of formulating strategies, diversifications, and expansion including the development of company business plans. As part of the team members, I undertook preliminary feasibility research studies, compared existing and potential technological options and presented my recommendations to the Administration. Therefore, I was able to help improve the level of competition and also studied government schemes with the aim of measuring their efficacy. Furthermore, I reviewed the organizational structure in detail including existing systems thereby helping my former company undertake the process of restructuring and redesigning to fit existing market demand.

During my studies and working life, I have been able to overcome the challenge of time Administration. Time limitation on various job or assignment tasks has taught me to efficiently plan by working systematically and maintaining or preparing up-to-date reports. At the same time, overcoming the challenge of defending my assessments, analysis, and recommendations during presentations and discussions to clients has enabled me to think creatively and rigorously. Extensive utilization of technological devices such as computers for preparation and analysis of reports has familiarized me with word processing, spreadsheets as well as presentation packages. Coupled with reliable interpersonal skills, I will be an excellent candidate for a Ph. D program at Morgan State University.

I hope the admission committee will find my strengths and backgrounds commensurate with established requirements of Morgan State University’s Ph.D.’s program in Business Administration.


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