Statement of Purpose

I have met many people who usually wonder how I came up with my life-changing decision of pursuing a career in psychology. However, what many people do not know is that my life journey has been marked by events that steered me towards pursuing a career in psychology and nothing else. My journey to pursuing psychology has not been without challenges, and at the same time, the longing has been persistent. From a young age, I developed an interest in getting to understand how people usually think and behave in different circumstances. I had always wondered what led to the occurrence of various events that were influenced by different people in the history of mankind. I was also concerned about why sometimes we experience emotional pain and even why people argue from different perspectives. At the time I was merely interested in solving the puzzle of human thinking, but I did not completely understand what it was preparing me for in my adult life. Today as I sit and reflect my past as a young person, I have realized the interest of understanding the human behavior was preparing for the most fulfilling career I would ever pursue.

From my teachers to my parents as well as my former classmates, they all admit that I have always been an extraordinary student from the word go. My life has seen a wide range of twists that exposed me to a variety of experiences that shaped it. When I finally became of age to make my decisions, I created my extraordinary path, and I have followed it faithfully to date. The more I grew, the more my dream of pursuing psychology and understanding why individuals behave differently became vivid. Regardless of having a deep yearning to pursue psychology ironically, I had a weakness that would have prevented me from realizing my dream, and it was lack of effort. The main reason why much of my effort did not go into working hard was due to the excitement as a teenager where I thought everything in my life would be easy.

When I finally became an adult, reality dawned on me, and I realized that irrespective of my talents and intellectual capacity I was doomed to fail if I did not work harder. I therefore completely changed my approach to life. To begin with, I am past discovering my passion because I did it many years ago. Secondly, I fully understand my strengths, and I would never ignore my weaknesses most that arise from uncertainties in life and sometimes having self-doubt. My first milestone of growth can be traced back to I was enrolled for training in defense system that is run by the Army in Israel. Of all the best decisions I have made in my entire life, joining the training ranks top among them. The training not only focused on the physical aspects but also gave me extraordinary strength and the feeling of empowerment. The training is what built my fighting spirit and the determination to press on even in situations that I feel getting close to a defeat. It only took me a couple of years through the training where I started training others as an instructor as well as empowering them.

However, as I became an Instructor the values that I had acquired were challenged by a significant event of my life. The doctors broke the sad news to me that have defined the past four years of my life. It emerged that I was suffering from a systemic autoimmune chronic disease that results in the immune system attacking body tissues as well as the organs. Finding out that you have a chronic disease is a life-changing moment for any individual because his or her perception of life automatically changes after realizing that life is a short journey that can end at any moment. After my diagnosis, I was shocked although I have always been a tough fighter no matter the situation. I had to walk through the challenges of coping with my condition, but after a period lasting over three years, I am happy to say that I have coped and moved on. Having to accept and cope with my situation took a fighting spirit as I had learned the importance as well as the tradition of not giving up in life irrespective of how tough the situation appears to be. The period of coping enabled me to think about how I could pursue my passion, and it was none other but psychology.

The first idea that rang in my head was taking a PsyD as I was sure it was part of me, and I immediately embarked on researching a variety of programs, interacting with individuals in the same field as a way of getting to learn what it takes to succeed in the field. When I finally joined college, I had a clear picture in my mind of what my future would look like. The initial research class proved challenging to me but soon fell in love with it during my first semester. I embarked on a journey that was to take nine months establishing my research position that made my Ph.D. dream achievable. I take pride in myself for even going ahead and becoming the founder of the psychology club while I was in campus. However, I was not the full commitment came after I began doing the research work.

The interview I had with Dr. Sirey is fresh in my mind as it came after I had submitted my resume for months. My main worry was lack of experience, but I was willing to convince her that my abilities and skills were above the experience and surprisingly I was hired. I loved the job so much, and I still work as a volunteer with Dr. Sirey at the Cornell Geriatric Research Institute. The experience has sharpened my analytical skills, and TRIO program focuses on promoting emotional, mental, physical and financial health that is related to older adults. The uniqueness of the program lies in tailoring a different plan for every client depending on their needs. It is imperative for any research assistant working in the program to take time with each client for him or to perform comprehensive assessment correctly. The correct presentation is also crucial as a way of making sure that every patient is receiving the care suitable to their needs. I also had additional responsibilities of administration on SPSS data set and also doing the community outreach. My interest in clinical psychology has been shaped by the experiences while working in the TRIO program. As a volunteer in Cornell, I had an opportunity to work with a doctor in their Psychiatry department arose, and I took it. The job varied greatly from what I was used to, and it taught me how to work outside my comfort zone, but I was much willing to do it. The job entailed reprocessing EEG data sets. The experience on understanding EEG signals as well as the brain itself have been fascinating and emphasized even more via neuropsychology education. The job opened me to a new reality on how behavior has a connection to the brain.

As I continued to practice as a volunteer.I was also doing my school work and the past two years have seen me complete two major studies namely ‘The Effects of Attractiveness on Moral Judgment’ and ‘Occupation and the Formation of Impression.’ The research has exposed to deeply understand research methods. I’m also working on research that explores the stereotypes that fans from a variety of music genres suffer from. My exciting research experience has influenced my long-term goals. After interactions with experienced psychologists, I realized that I should focus on assisting individuals suffering from PTSD. The society has seen the rise of vulnerable groups including children, veterans as old people. My aspirations are having access to a facility that allows me to work jointly with therapists and build my research in the field of psychology further. I also wish to give back to the community by helping other aspiring researchers expand their knowledge like I was honored with the opportunity. My life experience has helped me to understand how it feels suffering from a problem that one cannot fully gain recovery.

One of the major reasons why I chose Fielding Graduate University is their keen emphasis on clinical methodology and research. The curriculum at Fielding is comprehensive and allows the students gain a deep understanding of psychology. I have an opportunity with the University’s Alumni and their response to their experience in the program is encouraging. Seeing other graduates from Fielding Graduate University excel in the field of psychology is a key motivating factor to me.

I have confidence that I am a suitable candidate to Pursuing Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at Fielding. My drive, experiences, and passion have helped me discover who I am and the best thing for me in life. In my spirit of perseverance, I have overcome many barriers and continue to make accomplishments that were previously distant dreams. My strengths include working independently and being self-motivated. I believe my foundation will be well complimented by your experienced and diverse staff leading to optimum success. As I said, in the beginning, I am a unique student who likes and fits in unconventional programs.

Thank you for your consideration.

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