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Competent and well-defined communication skills, creativity and innovative based on decision making. High-level problem-solving abilities as well as time management and goal oriented.



  • Creativity
  • Strategist
  • Financial and budget management
  • Client relationship


  • Teamwork building
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Cost management


Personal attributes

  • Capable of working under constrained supervision.
  • Ability to deliver individually as well as collaborative.
  • Conflict administration and prioritization aptitudes
  • Ability to develop talent
  • Focused and well composed with regards of decision making
  • A good team player
  • Motivational speaker


Extensive knowledge of networking, database as well as project t management software such as Trello and basecamp classic tools for managing and coordinating projects. In addition am fluent in Microsoft project.


Head of Public and Building Services at Digital Public Library of America 2011


Coordination and administration of the construction workers

Management of time schedule of operations at the construction sites

Develop worksheets for every employee

Briefing employees about any requirements or recommendations from both the construction company and the library stockholders.

Administrate the financial aspect of the project.


Operations manager at San Diego Zoo Safari Park 2007


Project coordinator at California ruler road construction

Oversee the budget formulation and implementation

Coordinate the purchase and transportation of construction materials.

Administrate the employees

Audit the construction equipment based on safety requirements.


Customer relations manager at jet link 2005

Maintaining customer satisfaction through maintaining high standards and training of employees, and also auditing customer reviews based on services offered by the companies employees.,


Best performing employees of 2006, at the jet link company, because of the significant improvement of customer services.

Most promising employee 2008 at San Diego Zoo Safari Park 2007. This was awarded because of the increased motivation of workers which increased their output levels at the park.


University of Southern California

2003 -2004 Master’s degree in Project Management (information technology option)

Santa Clara University collage

1997- 2001 Bachelor’s degree in business administration (human resource option)

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