Rapid Critical Appraisal Process

Rapid Critical Appraisal Process

In my experience while completing the rapid critical appraisal process (Bianchi 2016).I came along significant experiences. The process was not quick since it was more of a laborious process. Reasons behind it being long is that one, I had to identify the elements of the study. In that, I have to define the goals and objectives of the education which would assist me while evaluating the success of the process. After knowing the aims of the study, I had to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the study. The phase was important because I have to work on the weaknesses so that they would not affect the results to the study. Therefore, I not only determined the pros and cons but also on the solutions to the problems. For example the problem of inadequate resources, I had to look for enough resources for the study so that I would get the information I was searching. The other thing I had to do in my study is credibility evaluation and the measurement of the study results of the knowledge of nursing practice. One of the aims I had while conducting the rapid critical appraisal process was to get a deep meaning of my career nursing and n what I needed to do to carry out activities as expected. Therefore, after the process of study, I had to find the relationship between the findings of the study and the knowledge I had in nursing. I found out that what is learned in class is the same as in the field, though outside things are more real and deep.

Going through the abstract did not assist in making decision of including or excluding the study. The reason behind this was because the research involved more things than the abstract was describing to me. With that, I could not make decisions based on the abstract, as I had to study first to know the way to decide. Moreover, I never used the abstract because I was unwilling to make decisions based on some else study. I needed to carry out my study because I knew it was helpful in boosting my career and in making me contribute positively to the welfare of the hospitals. Apart from that, if I would use the abstract to making fast decisions, I would not manage to be open-minded in the research. I would carry the ideas in the abstract which would affect my findings because I would try to relate whats in the abstract and the information m getting from the study. Those reasons led me to not making any decision based on the given abstract.

In the method is used while researching, the database search method working best. I refined the PICOT questions and chose the appropriate medical aspects. In cases where I could not raise the answer to my questions, I used MESH. In my website researchers, I experienced the issue of restating questions, erasing some items that did not help me, adding more information from the sources and changing some areas to achieve the outcome that I expected in my objectives at the beginning of the study. The internet served me right where I got exactly what I was searching. The searched database was, for example, Web of science and Google scholar among others. Elimination method did not work for me.


Bianchi, M., Bressan, V., Cadorin, L., Pagnucci, N., Tolotti, A., Valcarenghi, D., … & Sasso, L. (2016). Patient safety competencies in undergraduate nursing students: a rapid evidence assessment. Journal of advanced nursing72(12), 29

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