Reading and writing effectiveness

Reading and writing effectiveness

The process of writing the final critical essay was systematic as I had to make sure that all the points are supported by credible, researched and systematically written facts in line with my topic. To choosing the topic, I had to first do some background study and ensure that all the facts that I had to consider were readily available and that the data was credible and supported to avoid chances of misleading in my essay.

Some of the strengths of the essay are that I have addressed a situation that is critical as it is in the minds of the strategic planners, economists the normal citizens and anyone who has a view of the position of the Americans dream. This is a point of concern as progress is on everyone’s mind and therefore making the topic relevant and in line with the current trends in the economy. The data contained in my critical essay is also very strong as I had to go through the strategic planners articles and the articles talking about the economic position in the present and the past and therefore allowing me to make a comparison in terms of the trend and therefore being in a position to make a future prediction through considering the current trends.

The weakness of my essay is that most of the strategic planners have different views of the American dream realization in line with the current trends and therefore it was hard marrying the different views and still driving my view of the current trend. This made me dig dipper in many previously researched documents to have a positive stated in my essay.

I dwelt more on logos way of persuasion more than ethos and pathos. This is because the American dream is something that can be gauged from the past and the current trend and therefore making it easy to make a prediction. I had to use data from previous research and therefore helping me to analyze the current trend and therefore being in a position to know which position to stand in terms of the economic development as well as the entrepreneurial trends in America as this is the main issues showing the trend leading to the realization of the American dream. The data explaining the past and the current trends in both the government projects, businesses and the general economy were the greatest logic issues that are used in driving my point.

My thoughts about the critical essay are that it has been a great tool of knowledge as I have been able to learn a lot of issues concerning the trends in the American economy and the strides the government and the private sector is taking to make sure that the nation maintains a positive trend. My greatest question in this study would be should the growth be solely in America or can the nation also consider uplifting other neighboring nations? What is the American government doing to ensure that they do not only develop and maintain their dream but also realize the dream at the individual citizen level? These are some of the points I would concentrate on in case of further research.


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