Reengineering of Health Care

Reengineering of Health Care

In the process of re-engineering health care, nurse manager plays a crucial role in ensuring that the interests of various patients in the hospital are consistent by working in good relationship with the health care providers with an aim of improving medical services. Moreover, the nurse manager acts as a good role model, a quality that other players in the health care emulate. Through the attribute of being a good role model, the performance improves because the minors tend to emulate their leaders in performing various operations (Ernst Strüngmann Forum, Gigerenzer & Gray, 2011). In addition, the nurse manager plays a great role in re-engineering health care process by encouraging teamwork among nurses that helps in improving the quality of the work done. Fry (2010) postulates that the nurse leader contributes in re-engineering the health care sector by presenting and providing assistance and information that help in educating employees in a health care regarding the necessary requirements and behavior that can help in improving the performance of the sector.

Research by Champy and Greenspun (2010) shows that nurse leaders are required to have a broad range of knowledge in the field of management, teamwork and communication skills that is of great help in the process of re-engineering. Furthermore, the individuals contribute to the process of re-engineering by providing medical care supported by the appropriate evidence and by championing the patient’s aspiration and establishments of healthcare. The leaders also participate by empowering patients in various means that give them an opportunity to participate in decision making concerning the health care.



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