Reflection Paper

 Reflection Paper

Different people residing in the United States have different attitudes towards other people immigrating in the country. I have been receiving mixed treatment from people in the country some of who tend to treat and welcome me well while other treated me as an alien. In most circumstances, I am not treated as an equal, and I have been experiencing challenges related to discrimination especially in seeking employment opportunities. Heron (2001), states that an individual is likely to face different forms of discriminations in a new country. Racism has been a challenge hindering me from accessing proper services in the country that most individuals enjoy. People in the country have different attitudes towards me where most of them view me as a competitor for their services including job or employment services. However, some of the immigrants who have acquired reputation in the country have been supportive and assistive in various ways.

Reasons for their Actions

The United States leadership has been struggling to reduce the level of immigrants in the country. Discrimination and enforcement by the country’s administration have been making the generations living in the country to disregard new immigrants. I also think that the groups react negatively to the new immigrants because of the fear of increased competition of the available resources including land and minerals. Heron (2001) states that immigrants have been affecting the economic well-being and development of the country and has been a contributing factor why many people in the country discriminate and have had negative attitude to the immigrants. I also view the skin color and my culture to have contributed in determining their reactions.

I would feel pressured to pledge my loyalty in a political machine where most of the immigrants receive services. According to Heron (2001), a political machine is operated or headed by a single individual who builds a compact and loyal voter that follows him. With an aim of securing favors including employment opportunities in the country and improved medical care among other services, I would be pressured to be loyal to a political machine available in the country and especially in my state.

The strike is an effective way through which people can express their dissatisfaction with either management or any other issue disturbing people. Mistreatment of people in the country especially the black and people from Islamic countries have made individuals engage in a strike. I would participate in a strike to request the country’s administration to equalize individuals in the country and campaign for elimination or reduction of discrimination in the country. There exist disparities in the payment between immigrants and other people in the country even though they tend to perform almost similar works. I would engage in a strike to request improvement on the treatment of new individuals or immigrants in the country.

Leisure Opportunities and their division on Race

There are different opportunities for leisure in the country. Among the leisure opportunities available in the country, include cinemas, visiting parks that are free events provided by the country, art and craft events, music, clubs, gambling and sporting events. Most of the leisure activities are accessible by all people, and include visiting events in the park because they are free, some sporting activities and craft. However, some sporting events including golf are meant for a given class of people who can provide the required payment. In addition, some clubs and societies are meant for whites.  However, most of the leisure activities are accessible and available to all individuals in the country.



Heron, M. P. (2001). The occupational attainment of Caribbean immigrants in the United States, Canada, and England. New York: LFB Scholarly.

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