Reflection: I found the article interesting in regards to the response given by the participants to the questions and the manner in which the jury rendered decisions in court without using criminal evidence. The author’s utilization of questionnaires and jurors gave balanced perceptions. The article was easily comprehensible and straightforward. However, the members of the jury are Caucasian which may instill bias or prejudice in rendering a decision. The limited diversity only serves to reflect the current state of the Nations justice system.

Holmgren, J. A., & Fordham, J. (2011). The CSI effect and the Canadian and the Australian jury. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 56(s1).

Keywords: Forensic science, CSI effect, forensic evidence, Canadian criminal justice, Australian criminal justice, DNA evidence, jurors, juries, judges

The focus of the article: The article place emphasis on the effects of CSI and aims to find out if television shows such as CSI and Law and Order have any impact on jurors in Australia and Canada.

Methodology: The authors, that is, Holmgren and Fordham used surveys that had been provided to Australian and Canadian jurors to determine the relevance of CSI.

Summary: The members of the jury in Australia and Canada were the target group that helped in the completion of the survey. The number of surveys completed in Canada was 605 where majority expressed that they have had no previous experience with criminal trials, but they had watched shows being aired on television which are crime-related. The attitudes of people towards crime scenes are established in the survey since there was room for opinions created for individuals who participated in the survey. A majority percentage of 76% expressed that DNA examination is the widely used and most reliable evidence in a criminal case. Eventually, it was discovered that CSI effects had already been understood.

Reflection: The article provides a clear view to any person desiring to learn the effects of CSI in different nations. A broader perspective and a great number of individuals have been used in the survey which makes it unbiased. The inclusion of personal thought that had been obtained in the survey makes the article become concrete, relevant and more reliable. The reason behind this is that people can freely express their thoughts and recommendations which make the research more viable and interesting. The article was easy to comprehend and analyze the details included leaving one satisfied with the whole research.


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