Report on Internal Analysis of Jaguar Company

Report on Internal Analysis of Jaguar Company

In this report, the evaluation will be based on Jaguar Cars Limited and how the global Brexit has impacted its business in regards to technology development. To ensure that the report handles the issue we shall focus on the internal environment as well as the techniques like SWOT analysis to have a better understanding of the internal environment by using Jaguar’s culture web as well value chain. Further, SWOT analysis for Jaguar shall be carried out and outline the business weaknesses, strengths, threats as well as opportunities. The report will focus on technology that has emerged in the motor vehicle industry as well as the impact it has on Jaguar together with their strategic position giving weight to the opportunities and strengths that are available in its purview.

Core Competencies

It is simply what the company gives in service delivery so that the can be seen to be doing exceptionally good as compared to their competitors. One of the things that make Jaguar stand out is the motivated as well as a highly skilled workforce in company. With the extraordinary workforce that can handle the whole production for instance maintenance together with assembling are executed properly hence leading to reliable vehicles nevertheless this is what makes Jaguar a family brand. All this is aimed at the vision of producing desired cars and this is achieved by hiring exceptional staff in different departments therefore streamlines the company processes from assembling to marketing (O’Shea, 2014).

Value Chain

Value chain the idea that entails the chain of actions that a company can involve in as well as understand competitive strengths in the business as it goes by its activities. In any case, the chain is related to one another thereby if one section is underperforming it can be lead to negative effect on the rest of the other section. It can be put into two main sections which are primary and support activities. Primary activities are mostly direct activities that are related to the production, for instance, gathering material, and assembly together with the distribution of the end product. Support activities on the other hand are not directly involved in the production but are key elements to the success (O’Shea, 2014). For instance, human resources have a sole responsibility of the staff, and in any case, they fail to hire the desired staff it compromises its production process.

Organization structure

Jaguar Company has directors who are the topmost of the chain. They are close to sixteen in number that forms it executive positions. The executive is headed by the chief executive officer. Jaguar normally operates in eight levels under its hierarchical system. Jaguar’s chain of command is in a manner that the engineers will report to the managers who then report to their juniors that is from lateral communication system (Parker & 3M Company, 2012).

Strategic alignment

Strategic alignment is what indicates where it is placed in the prospected market. It helps to focus on the business in comparison to its competitors as well as how the clientele perceive it. To analyse the strategic alignment one can use evaluation tool like SWOT analysis.  (Ansoff, 2014).

SWOT Analysis

It is a tool that enables evaluation of the strategic position in a company while highlighting the key areas that can negatively affect the objective of the business. This key area includes strength, weaknesses, threats as well as opportunities.
Strengths: the major strength for Jaguar is its well-renowned reputation in the production of the top range of cars and its exceptional staff. It’s another strength is in research as well as development that makes them to have a competitive advantage all and above its competitors.
Weaknesses: jaguar is not an eco-friendly brand, and this has given them a negative impact on the market. Secondly, it is a high-end car, and their product is sold to a lesser niche market, therefore, missing on the market for alternatively cheaper cars.
Opportunities: to continue being the most admirable brand in the market it has to ensure continuous improvement on its excellent reputation because of its quality. Therefore continued focus on research as well as development is necessary for Jaguar to have exceptional R&D function and uses this initiative to improve their eco-friendly image which is currently the main thing in the motor industry. They should focus on the growing Chinese market in future.
Threats: due to global economic climate jaguars strategic position shall be adversely affected as a result of high fuel prices, change of interest rates and less disposable income. Finally, if the government regulation is put in place, it shall threaten jaguar for instance regulation that bar emissions shall make Jaguar to incur extra expenses to change as well as improve existing facilities and products.

Jaguar’s Strategic alignment

Jaguar’s position is envisaged in the previous analysis that reveals it to be stronger within their prospective market. To maintain this condition it needs to do much of research as well as development so that they have it as a reality. Furthermore, they must ensure that they conform to the status quo by becoming eco-friendly that can be enhanced through their well-established research as well development function of the company (Ansoff, 2014)

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