Research-based (or evidence-based) practice

Research-based (or evidence-based) practice

Evidence-based practices are the use of the current best evidence in making patients decisions (Stevens, 2013). The approach is used to solve problems in the healthcare sector, and it integrates ones clinical expertise, systematic search for and critical appraisal of relevant evidence to answers of serious clinical issues and patient values and preferences (Stevens, 2013). This method has enabled the medical team to assess clinical guidelines, research as well as other information resources based on high-quality findings and then applying the practices in the treatment procedure (Stevens, 2013).

One of the evidence-based practices used in the medical facility I work with is the infection control. This is by using the evidence-based infection control policies. The policies include cleaning and maintaining the healthcare environment clean, wearing personal protective gear, practicing correct hand washing. This has been a procedure maintained and followed in the medical facility.  In the medical facility, use small gauge catheter when administering blood to patients for packed red blood cell transfusion as evidence-based practice to keep the patient comfortable throughout the exercise (Perin, Erdmann, Higashi & Sasso, 2016). When measuring the blood pressure, we also used the evidence practices as the accurate measurement is critical for proper diagnosis and proper treatment, especially in children.

Evidence-based practices have helped the medical facility maintain the proper treatment standards and therefore improving the medical facilities performance across the globe. Some of the practices are self-cultivated and therefore has helped the nurses also develop their healthcare practices skills.


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