Responded to two scenarios as if I was the correctional administrator

3 pages responded to two scenarios as if I was the correctional administrator

Scenario 1
You have been appointed as an associate warden of a prison that has operated in a very traditional fashion for the past 40 years of its existence. The warden has been there for a long time, operates in a very autocratic fashion, but is becoming increasingly ineffective. Line staff have been joining the union at increasing numbers, their morale is very low, and they complain that they are never told what is going on or when a threat of conflict is developing between inmate groups. The mid level managers or departments believe they do not have the authority to make any decisions without getting them approved by the warden. Do you simply blend in and accept the situation as it is or do you try to make changes? If you want to change things, what risks do you run, and how do you gain the approval of the warden? What types of changes should be made , and what are some actions you would take to make the changes? What end results do you hope for from the changes?

Scenario 2
You are the director of corrections for Midwestern state. The agency has operated well, and there have not been any serious incidents for a while. How ever, the state legislature has become increasingly interested in the department and has passed some bills to lengthen sentences, reduced the ability of corrections staff to award good time to inmates, and reduce what they consider “amenities” in the prisons. There seems to be a continuous increase in the political rhetoric around how the prisons should be managed, in order to make offenders feel punished for their crimes. You believe that the legislature’s involvement in the operation of the department will continue but do not know what to do to change it. They do not consult you when considering new legislation. Where do you begin, what can you do, and how do you go about it? Develop a plan that will ensure thoughtful discussion of correctional legislation and, hopefully, result in the department not being required to implement policy that you believe will have a negative impact on your ability to run safe and controlled prisons

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