Responses to the Ethics Dilemma

  1. Develop written responses to the Ethics Dilemma found in Chapter 6 on page 148.

When it comes to an organizational setup, it is so crucial for every worker to avoid conflicts with their counterparts in matters that will become advantageous to own interest. In our case, it is so confusing for what the salesperson will do since the ethical line that he should not pass is so blurry. However, regardless of it there are advantages and the disadvantages of the decision that the salesperson will take and both of them will have consequences which might affect him individually or as a company. The salesperson will have the tickets to entice their friends, but also he will have violated the ethical culture of the company which provides that employees should not accept gifts from the supplier.

  1. Develop written responses for the following Questions and Problems from page 170 in the textbook: Q&P 1, 3, 6, 12, and 13.
  2. Review the John Deere case study that opens the chapter. From this case, identify examples of different key terms and concepts covered in the chapter. For example, when MetoKote built a paint plant right next door to John Deere’s manufacturing plant, this was an example of a relationship-specific adaptation.

Deere and MetoKote are close companies that have close buyer relationship in that, MetoKote specializes in the protective coating applications while the Deere Company have its all products coated in the MetoKote facility. Also, Deere Company has ensured a machine finder set up a website that enables its customers to find the second hand of their products which are being sold. Deere is identifying some of its market in India, Brazil and South America as the best to expand their business due to extensive juice exports that they make. They have therefore introduced their products to the countries to increase their returns and expand their market share.

  1. In your own words, explain how the buying behavior of business customers in different countries may have been a factor in speeding the spread of international marketing.

The buying behavior of customers from different countries has increased the marketing of similar products worldwide. In some instances, we find customers from foreign countries who are in need of certain products that are not produced in their country, and therefore they outsource from foreign countries of their choice. Through it, international marketing has been boosted by suppliers to ensure that such customers are tapped.

  1. If a nonprofit hospital were planning to buy expensive MRI scanning equipment (to detect tumors), who might be involved in the buying center? Explain your answer and describe the types of influence that different people might have.

In such a situation the buying center will involve several people who might include doctors and engineers who will mostly interact with the equipment. The purchasing manager who happens to be the buyer of the organization and the deciders who might be the board who should work together to decide on the kind of product they want to buy. Engineers might influence the equipment based on its specification and the compatibility of the machine with other equipment’s.

  1. Would a tool manufacturer need a different marketing strategy for a big retail chain such as Home Depot than for a single hardware store run by its owner? Discuss your answer

Yes. The kind of marketing strategy that a business will use will depend on the scope of the consumers of the p [products. In the case that a manufacturer has a large home depot, he/she will need to device marketing strategies that will both cater to local consumers and the retailers who will purchase goods from the store. The manufacturers should ensure that he/she integrates modified strategy of marketing through e-commerce that will capture most of his customers.

  1. How do you think a furniture manufacturer’s buying habits and practices would be affected by the specific type of product to be purchased? Consider fabric for upholstered furniture, a lathe for the production line, cardboard for shipping cartons, and lubricants for production machinery.

The products that a manufacturing company will purchase will affect the buying habits based on its quality, Manufacturing companies always buy products in bulk and m, mostly from a single supplier. When they buy a specific product which they later realize that quality was compromised in most cases, the decision makers tend to change the habits to bring in abiding purchasing habit. It involves a situation whereby different companies offering the same type of product competitively bid for supply of product such as fabric for upholstered.

  1. Develop written responses for the Online Toolkit exercises found in Chapter 6 on pages 153 ( ) and 162 (click on “Find Your NAICS Code” link). Use the required format as provided in the Online Toolkit example at the course home page including the “Application to Chapter Topic” response.

Online toolkit. Pg. 153

At the buyer’s guide, there are some links that get a customer to the products that they feel they can buy. We have products such as business phone systems, digital copiers, payroll services, POS systems, and forklifts all together on one site. The best thing about buyer zone is the fact that it is good for customers to buy different items from the site since different supplies try to win the customer by providing different competitive products that suit customer’s needs. Such a site is useful for marketing managers since customers can easily access the products that are new in the market by quickly logging into their account.

Online toolkit pg. 162

The NAICS code is 333992. It’s a company concerned with welding and soldering equipment manufacturing. Most firms use the method to find customers then look the code for similar companies that need same foods and services. It is a form of business data that classify industries for easy tracing

  1. Develop written responses for the Application Exercise found in the Assignment 6 Folder.

Situation 1

The potential customer has been selling a very successful line of upholstered furniture for some years. The company has not been using a stain-resistant fabric. But furniture retailers have recently complained that the furniture gets soiled very easily. The potential customer thinks that your stain-resistant fabric could be used instead of the fabric it gets from its supplier.

The level of problem-solving is a new task buying whereby the company has a new need that is not being satisfied by the previous company. It brings out the product specification of a stain-resistant fabric. The nature of buying behavior of the firm would be the alternative identification of the product that suits their needs. My firm should focus on adjusting the product in the marketing mix through ensuring that customers know about their uniqueness in being stain resistant which will make customers to increase the purchase of the product.

Situation 2

The customer has been purchasing a similar fabric from one of your firm’s competitors for several years but is dissatisfied with its present supplier’s delivery service and technical support.

The level of problem-solving that the firm is in is modified rebuy whereby it wants to get products from another competitor after the initial one started providing poor delivery services. The firm, therefore, is in a situation whereby they want to evaluate alternatives of other suppliers who they expect to provide better delivery of the products and any proper technical support that they need. The firm, therefore, should ensure that they integrate a marketing mix that ensures customers who are the people are emphasized on. Based on giving them nice services such as after sales services.

Situation 3

The customer has been purchasing all of its fabric from one of your competitors on a regular basis for several years. No change in this procedure is expected.

The firm, therefore, is in a state of straight rebuy which provides that it has been purchasing products from the same supplier over and over without changing the supplier. In this situation, the probable nature of buying is to need awareness which the firms finds and start purchasing what they need. Multiple buying here would affect the kind of products that the firm is used to purchase based on the quality. The firm can introduce a more similar but competitive product that will make the company change its suppliers. The product can be introduced in the market using a penetration pricing that will attract them.

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