role of a nurse manager

role of a nurse manager

How does the nurse manager or leader play a role in the re-engineering of health care?

The nurse leaders are responsible for identifying the gaps in the internal environment of the nurse department and devising ways to overcome them and therefore restoring the smooth flow of operations in the sector (Foster, 2014). A nurse manager happens to be the link between the nurses and the managers of health institutions and therefore mandated to present the grievances and the views of the nurses to the top management during the decision making process. Nurses are the people in most contact with the patients, and therefore their observations and feedback are important in making advancements and improvements in the health sector. Nurse leaders are important as they provide the managers and the nurses with the chance to link and therefore present the important projects that can be incorporated in the medical centres. This makes it excel as the health industry is becoming very competitive and therefore to overcome this medical facility has to be unique in the way to provides services to its customers to remain relevant in the market.

Nurse leaders should also have the capability of assessing the capabilities, effectiveness and competencies of the nurses and therefore enable the effective service delivery to the patients (Weiss, Tappen & Whitehead, 2015). This monitoring and coordination seal the loop holes that exist in the nurse’s department. It’s important for nurse leaders to push for nurses training to help them cope with the technological advancements and the modern medical procedures as a way of effectively offering the best services to the customers. Reorganizing and coordinating all these factors ensures that the nurses are well informed and competitive in the health industry. This also ensures that there is a good relationship cultivated and maintains in the health between and among nurses, patients and management and therefore making the medical facility disseminate medical services effectively.


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