Role played by Religion in Ancient Societies

Role played by Religion in Ancient Societies: case of India and China

Religion has contributed immensely in many societies throughout the history of civilization. Many reasons have emerged why religion has played a crucial role in defining the culture of society, most notable of these reasons is that belief or faith in divine power can add meaning and significance to many people’s worldly lives.

Emily mark (2009) notes that ancient Chinese religious practices date back to over 7000 years long before Lao-Tzu spiritual and philosophical teachings were developed. The gods, spirits, and ancestors could affect crops, weather, childbirth, warfare, health and the kings and therefore it was necessary to sacrifice to them (Harold & Tanner, 2015).

The belief in faith that can give people a sense of hope and reason of living is one of the reasons why societies have shown a great propensity for religion.  Evidence of this can be seen in Indian societies.  Hinduism is renowned for its deeply philosophical teachings that based upon the idea of reincarnation.  According to Kosambi (2013), he notes that in Hindi teachings, all living beings on earth go through many phases of reincarnation in an attempt to reach the state of spiritual self-realization.


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