Routing techniques

Routing techniques

Greedy heuristic is a unique routing capacity that works based on approximation of a series of algorithms which usually follow a specific strategy that involves use of local choices optimization (Toth & Vigo, 2014).  Clark and Wright savings heuristic is the most widely used technique whereby a node is randomly selected and labelled as node 1. Afterward, an assumption is made that some vehicles have to travel from a depot to the node and return to the terminal again.

Sweep technique method mainly focuses on the number of individuals that the vessel is supposed to take. It does not put into consideration aspects of congestion among others (Toth & Vigo, 2014).  The primary purpose of the technique is to ensure that it has attained the maximum capacity of passage on either trip of the vessel.  Edge covering is a method that was developed based on the assumption that vehicles are mostly routed on a network that comprises of links and nodes. Edge covering is based on finding a route that can transverse every connection of a system while node covering is a paradigm that has a lot of distinguishing features from the above approaches whereby it has the ability of reusing the previous routing data in mapping of vehicles. However the method is compelled to have a lot of faulty mistakes that are hardly rectified

Most of the routing technique relies on one another and therefore more than one method is used to accomplish the desired targets. Most of the routing techniques were usually done through a series of algorithms however with the coming up of new technologies some systems have been developed to make this entire task easier (Toth & Vigo, 2014). As an entrepreneur, I would use a sweep method due to the limited number of vehicles present. It will ensure that being able to maximise the margins of the profit that am getting and making it manageable to use a single vessel before shifting to other technique that need a lot of resources.


Toth, P., & Vigo, D. (Eds.). (2014). Vehicle routing: problems, methods, and applications.

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