Safety during a Training Boot Camp Event

Safety during a Training Boot Camp Event

Injuries are likely to occur quickly during an outdoor boot camp event. They depend on the environment where the event is being held, the fitness of the individuals, the personal preparedness and the care applied when the trainees are conducting themselves.  The injuries could be caused by straining, falling, accidents or attack by wild animals if it is being held in a forested area (Atkinson, & Lassiter, 2017).

The injuries can range from fractures, muscle tears, bruises, cuts or medical conditions such as stomachache or a headache. For the safety of everyone in any outdoor event, the first necessity is a first aid kit or supplies. As a trainer, one needs to be conversant with performing various first aid procedures (Atkinson, & Lassiter, 2017).  Lastly, the coach needs to have a safe evacuation mode which can be relied on in case of an emergency. He or she could contact a local ambulance or other patient evacuation measures.

To ensure the safety of my clients, I would do the following.

  1. Ensure that everyone is appropriately dressed. They should have proper training attire such as shoes and gloves if there were using of ropes other rough surfaces (Atkinson, & Lassiter, 2017).
  2. Have with me a well serviced first aid kit for tackling any events that might arise
  3. Ensure that I have proper measures to contact emergency medical evacuation such as an ambulance. Hence I would have an operational phone line
  4. Ensure that everyone follows my safety precautions. They would prevent injuries such as muscle tears or confrontation with wild animals such as snakes.

Thirty minutes run using bikes or by foot around the field would be the first kick off activity to stretch the muscles and joints in preparation for the rest of the days training activities. This would be followed by grouping the trainees and coordinating a ten minutes stretch activity to relax the muscles. Some of the stretches which I would ensure they are perfected are knee bends, calve stretches, toe touches, shoulder stretches and bending at the waist to reduce chances or muscle pull and or overstraining the muscles something that would make the trainees get tired faster. The warm-up and the stretching would have thirty minutes break followed by a martial arts class and a practical on the handling of weapons and other equipment vital during the defense activities. The martial arts and the boxing skills would be the main training activities because they are the basic fighting and defense strategies that are quick to grasp and exercise. I would make sure that the boxing, martial arts, stretching and other equipment needed during the exercise are at close range to avoid time wastage. I would also ensure that the refreshments and food are readily available to replenish the energy lost during the exercise. After the training activities, there would be a session of reflecting and gauging the understanding of the trainees.


Atkinson, T., & Lassiter, M. (2017). Low Impact Physical Functioning-BMT Boot camp Program. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation

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