Scouts Canada: Re-positioning Custom Essay

Scouts Canada: Repositioning the Brand on pages 272-273 of the textbook. (I will upload the pages).

• Structure of the reports
1. Title page. Name of the case and names of group members.

2. Introduction and key facts of the case. This may include background, causes that led to the problem, consequences of the problem, SWOT analysis, etc: 2 pages.

3. Main problem/issue(s):1 page.

4. Alternative solutions. Provide specific and valid suggestions, give advantages and disadvantages for each solution provided: 2 pages.

5. Recommendations and justification. Which solution is the best and why?: 2 pages.

6. Lessons learned. What do you draw from the entire case (e.g. what did you learn, what are the key marketing concepts that apply)?:1 page.

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