Segregation in the United States

Segregation in the United States

Massey defines segregation as one of the core mechanisms in which inequalities is transmitted. He states that the act of being segregated means that an individual, based on their color, race, or class, is denied access to the full range of resources that are open to the other market society of people in the United States of America. Segregation can be measured through a unit called the index of dissimilarity which measures the degree to which two groups are distributed across a geographical unit.

According to Massey, the type of segregation that dropped in the measure of the index is the exclusion at the state level. This drop in the measure as attributed to the great black migration. This is the migration whereby a large number of African Americans moved to the industrial cities, northeast, mid-west, and west of America. This movement lasted for up to seventy years which in turn brought about this decline in the segregation at the state level. However, as blacks continued to pour into American cities, the level of Neighborhood or Residential segregation inclined.

Massey further explains that majority of cheap and affordable housing in the United States is left and can only be found in the poor neighborhoods which have been contributed to many reasons one of them being the state of having class segregation. These areas have higher chances of being subjected to environmental racism. This is a state in which minority groups of people are placed in environmentally hazardous areas or vice versa. In these areas, the government or responsible parties do not do much to stop these effects from harming the residents of these areas.

The fact that America is still segregated today surprises me to a large extent. The reason is that considering that the former president of America, Barrack Obama, was an African American, He should have reduced the level of segregation. This, however, according to Lamb, (xv) did not appear. Sources indicate that the level of segregation is about to go back to the level it was in 1900.

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