Although self-awareness may not mostly be discussed when talking about leadership competencies, it is one of the most important and valuable characters that a leader should possess. Self-awareness helps leaders discover what they are good at and what can push the team to excellence while still giving room for them to learn new ideas (Adamchik, 2006). A good leader is ready to be corrected and admitting in a situation they have no idea and standing to be corrected for mistakes they do. Leaders are said to be effective through considering the subordinates views or rather having a listening ear as they can have a holistic view of the decision before implementation from different angles. Most leaders in the present times act as if they know it all since they hate being questioned as that would diminish their feeling as leaders and this should not be the case as correction leads to eradication of errors.

An example of a self-awareness case is where the leader involved the juniors and other staff in the decision-making process. In the decision-making process, there is a synergy of ideas from different members and critical analysis of a decision from all angles in an organization. The main reason as to why the implementation of change and some of the major decisions in an organization fail is due to poor consultations in the decision-making process (Burns, 2012). A manager who involves people in the decision-making process avoids chances of decision failure or change rejection by the people as they can own the change. For example, in the hotel industry, a leader may want the workers to have a change of uniforms. This can best be initiated by having them raise ideas on how they want the uniform to look or the time they require adapting to the change.


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