Shepardize the case at 279 U.S. 263. What is the case name? what are the parallel cites?Explain.

Can you please answer the questions below. Thank You 1. Shepardize the case at 279 U.S. 263. a. What is the case name? b. what are the parallel cites? c. Give all the parallel cites fo the case that overruled it. d. Give the cite of a case from the Ninth Circuit that harmonized with the cite. e. Give the cite to a Stanford Law Review that mentioned the case. 2. Look up 18 U.S.C. section 242 on Find the most recent amendment to the statute. When you get to the statute, you will see two tabs–one is marked \”U.S. Code\” and the other is marked \”Notes\”. Click on \”Notes\” and answer question \”a\” below with what you find there. a. Give the citations for the Statutes at Large in which this section was amended. b. Give the citation for the U.S. Supreme Court case in volume 515 of the U.S. Reports that mentions this section. c. Give the cites for California cases that list this section as questionable precedent.

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