Situation Report

Situation Report

Following the recent gun shooting incident in the school, the gunman has been put into police custody.  The school management, however, does not take this lightly, so it has developed several strategies to curb such incidences from recurring in the future. Search units have already been dispatched to find the missing three teachers and ten students who were reported missing after a census that was undertaken. So far no casualties have been reported.  Counseling sessions have started for the rest of the students and teachers since there is a possibility of an effect of trauma (Valcik, 2017). These counseling sessions will be of great help to them, and the school management is encouraging them to attend these sessions.

Medical checkups are ongoing for both teachers and students. Our school health unit together with the Red Cross and the St John’s ambulance are checking our faculties for injuries or harm afflicted by the gunshots. Security check-ups are ongoing in the school. All the students have been asked to open up their lockers in the classes and also in their dormitories. This will ensure that we don’t put any risks to the students since there may be some hidden weapons in the schools compound. There will also be police patrols in the school for a long time. Any criminal activities will hence not be tolerated in the school. The security check-ups and patrols will also help capture drug addicts in the school since it might be the cause of crimes.

The school management cannot be able to undertake all these activities alone, and therefore some organizations will help facilitate the proceedings (Haddow, 2017). These organizations include the Red Cross Society. This will help in undertaking medical examinations to the students and teachers which may be affected deeply by the shooting incidence. On the other hand, the St John Ambulance is also helping with medical problems and checkups. The various checkups being undertaken include mental condition, the St John Ambulance will also conduct stress and trauma that may have been implicated in the shooting, sanity tests.  Medical reports will provide a clear view of the condition of students. The Police Department and Forensics are helping in the identification of the root of the problem and collection of evidence from the scene. The Fire Brigade has come in handy to offer support to our students and teachers and the management appreciate the help. There is hope that there will be a reliable response from these organizations (Haddow, 2017).

Regarding communication with the public and parents, there are modes that will be used to pass any information that the school feels necessary to inform them.  The school administrator and school call center will be used to make telephone calls in case of occurrence of an emergency in the school such as death and emergency meetings. This will ensure that parents get first-hand information. The PTA president will be used to pass information to parents on the initialization of security measures, changes made in the security framework, profile of the students regarding discipline and the new equipment being used for security in the school. This will be done during annual general meetings, emails an school opening days.  The Public Information Officer will be used to communicate to the public regarding the security of the school to keep everyone aware of the going. The mode of communication is set to be open and clear to all the parties interested. Anyone in need of information will not be left out since on the school’s website; all details will be provided regarding every function of the school (Valcik, 2017). The school will not tolerate any criminal activities.


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