Social media and  marketing

Social media and  marketing

Question 1

McDonald’s ‘Pay with Lovin’ Marketing Campaign

From the top ten 2015 social media campaign, I selected the ‘Pay with lovin’ Super Bowl Campaign’ developed by McDonald’s. I believe the main goal of this campaign was to let consumers know that random customers would be allowed to make payment for any burger purchases with ‘loving gestures’ to people close to them (Gerrd, 2016). This is opposed to cash when purchasing or ordering during specific times. In addition, the social media campaign was aimed at appealing the modern, young consumers who spend more time on social media sites and therefore, likely to view the advertisement.

The creative marketing strategy was mainly intended to promote McDonald’s products by positioning their merchandise as a social advertising innovator. This means that the success of the particular social media campaign was heavily dependent on evaluations of brand perceptions as well as the amount of consumer feedback that McDonald’s was receiving (Gerrd, 2016). Feedback would be measured from popular sites such as YouTube and Tweeter. McDonald’s has been able to use social media in a smart way that contributed to its success as was able to attract a wormhole of interest. McDonald’s attracted more consumers by aiming for other goals such as consumer engagements, offers as well as enriched consumer experiences.

Measurable Objectives

Measurable objectives are normally aimed at determining whether the set goals have been achieved for a marketing activity (Gerrd, 2016). It is important to select carefully the metrics that one is going to sue for KPLs. Moreover, the process requires the use of calculation or score rather than the use of finite data. For example, when McDonald’s developed their social media campaign, their main goal was to be a leading voice during super bowls events. The main goal therefore was to ensure that the company’s brand was mentioned 50% during the super bowl event as well as during December holidays (Gerrd, 2016). However, it is not possible to determine the measuring objective of McDonald’s campaign simply by the mentions metrics retrieved from the listening tool. This is because this is not a reliable method of establishing whether the McDonald’s brand takes the majority of the conversations. For this reason, it is important to employ monitoring tools for all McDonald’s conversations as well as accurately know the total percentage of the brand mentions.

Performance Standards or Key Performance

When a company sets goals, they are assumed to be either performance-oriented or outcome-oriented goals. Outcome goals are typically the ultimate results that a company wants to obtain such as units produced, sales volume or profit. On the other hand, performance goals are objectives that usually help a company improve methods of reaching outcome goals (Gerrd, 2016). Performance goals are often less critical during social media marketing campaigns as they end up providing inadequate measuring results as compared to outcome goals. The main function of key performance indicators is helping companies monitor the progress and performance of social media marketing campaigns throughout a particular timeline.

The most appropriate method that McDonald’s should have utilized during its social media campaign is using performance indicators (Gerrd, 2016). The main goal of developing and implementing the’ pay with lovin’ campaign was to increase brand awareness including sales. The company may monitor sales in terms of the time taken to sell via online or chain store. Initially, there may be a rush of online product sales after the firm advertises its products during the first quarter. Increased chain store sales are more likely to be observed during the later stages of the advertisement campaign.

Question 2

Critically Evaluating the McDonald’s Social media Campaign

The implementation of the ‘pay by lovin’ campaign was successful as it was able to meet MacDonald’s clear objectives. The clear objective of this particular campaign was primarily to meet the target audience as well as to create awareness in the market environment. The advertisement was able to communicate what the marketers wanted to communicate to the consumers (Gerrd, 2016). In addition, they were able to achieve the short-term measurable targets of sending information to specific segment of the market. Moreover, I believe that this marketing strategy was successful as McDonald’s was able to monitor consumer feedback through various social media sites such as Tweeter and YouTube. Such feedbacks are critical as they allow the company to evaluate or change their marketing strategy depending on consumer needs or preferences.


However, although the social media campaign was successful in achieving the short-term goals, there is a need of placing focus on long-term objectives. It is a major marketing objective that most successful companies consider when creating and implementing marketing strategies (Gerrd, 2016). A company may transform itself into a mass-market and high volume brand compounded on an attractive annual growth rate. This may be achieved by providing diverse products that are able to fulfill the demands of various consumers in the marketing environment.

This process should be coupled with introducing the brands that can easily maintain long withstanding relationships with consumers. Therefore, there is a need of developing a flexible marketing strategy that will quickly and effectively respond to consumer perceptions and demands (Gerrd, 2016). Additionally, McDonald’s would develop brand names to certain products sold during the super bowl events. This will help the firm to operate its business in new markets in an efficient and smooth manner.

Question 3

Share a Coke Campaign


Coca-Cola developed a social media campaign dubbed ‘Share a Coke’ campaign as part of its marketing strategy (Collin, 2017). This particular campaign was developed because the firm discovered that personalized products attract most consumers. Coca-Cola Company integrated the marketing campaign through integrated marketing techniques that were important to the process of infiltrating itself in social media outdoor marketing as well as in retail spaces. The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign has overly featured Coke bottles and cans that are personalized using the top two hundred and fifty millennial and teen names, which were popular in the United States (Collin, 2017). Moreover, the process of personalization included popular jargon that demographics of millennial use such as ‘Wingman’ and ‘Bestie’.  After its introduction, this marketing campaign brought massive success in the Coca-Cola Company that saw increased consumer consumption.

Listing Output Controls

KPLs are typically owned and useful during the process of social media marketing processes. For this reason, Coca-Cola needs to ensure that the KPIs are tracked in ensuring that they related to and achieve the set objectives of the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign (Collin, 2017). Reporting and tracking on KPIs each month and week will enable the company use the insights in the process of shaping actions as well as tracking on goals. Coca-Cola may be able to achieve this by setting up a 90-day plan.

 Personal Evaluation

However, I have to point out the implantation process of ‘Share a Coke’ campaign has been successful. Not only did the company have increased sales in soft-drinks volume, but it also introduced a new marketing trend that had a positive reception in the market (Collin, 2017). This is because there are many people who would love to see their names branded alongside Coca-Cola products. Additionally, the campaign developed a gift-giving culture among young consumers who developed strong relationships.


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