Mass media is the technology used to cover a large number of audiences in the public by communicating to them on the day to day happenings. The general public may obtain information through the various types of mass media which include; the newspapers, magazines, internet, television and radio. Through mass media, people are able to understand what is going on in various fields such as political, social, entertainment and cultural field. Mass media has an influence to the general public as it is the only source that they rely on for updates; it offers education and training and also conveys what is cool in entertainment, fashion and technology.

Individuals may read newspapers, magazines, internet, or watch and listen to television and radio for daily updates on what is going on within and outside the country (Muller & Mirela, pp.159-174). Since the general public is being informed of any beneficial opportunity which might arise, they are able to grab. Beneficial opportunities involve job vacancies for instance which lead to improved standards of living for an individual as well as to the country as there will be a decreased number of individuals who obtain support from the government. The nation’s economy may rise as its revenue will increase through taxes paid by those new employees.

Education and training to individuals are acquired through those educational programs on various television and radio channels. Internet involves things such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

An individual can watch videos from YouTube in order to be informed, or obtain any kind of information they need through any other social networking. It has influence in that anything said or found in any type of mass media individuals to believe in that information even when it is not true. The origin of mass media begun back in those early days during the time of human being evolvement from homo sapiens to normal humans.

In those early days, communication was being delivered to people in a way ensuring all obtain the information by painting walls of caves or by informing a group of people who will in return spread the news to others. The first newspaper was being printed in China but it did not succeed as a means of delivering news and updating the public due to their lack of knowledge and high production cost. Message via newspapers can only be acquired by those people who are able to read and understand thus, may not be a favourable means of communication.

Televisions and radios emerged during the period of post second world war and get to be very famous as a result of providing entertainment and message. The message shared through television is easily understood as it involves both sound and images thus, it can reach a large number of people compared to the radio which involves sound only. Images attract individuals whereby they need to know and understand the purpose of that particular image thus, obtain the message.

Mass media can also be disadvantageous in that only those people who are able financially can afford to acquire a television in which in most cases they are fewer. The Internet is the latest in the human era where details are acquired through websites and social networking. Though it people can watch videos, listen to music, communicate amongst themselves through chats whenever they are. Every song, video may have its own message which may be passing to them thus, may reach a large number of people as the majority are influenced by music and videos (Leff & Benjamin, pp.227-254). Also, a message can be shared among friends and families though chatting thus advanced means of communication.

Without mass media, our way of living and our advancement would be a step or more steps behind where we are in this present day. Mass media plays an important role in the society as it keeps them informed irrespective of where they are. This increases individuals know how regarding various issues and also improves their attitudes on how to handle those issues. By reading books, newspapers, journals, magazines, listening to a radio and watching television improves individuals level of knowledge as some information is educative. Through education and training, there are improved standards of living as it enables people to take risks and carry various activities such as small businesses for instance. If that business picks, he or she will be able to improve on his or her standards of living with those profits.

There is the creation of employment opportunities as the mass medium requires workers who are supposed to pass information to the general public on television. Also, there are radio presenters, newspaper reporters, and magazine writers job vacancies thus, a large number of workers from the society. Through employment, there are improved standards of living within the society thus, reduced poverty level. Mass media creates awareness by allowing the public know what is happening inside and out of their country or the trending worldwide. The media acts as watchdogs in that they have that capability to hold government accountable, forcing them to explain to the public on their decisions to various things thus, acting as people’s representatives.

The mass medium also promotes talents in our societies as advertisements on auditions for acting, for instance, are made through them. Through talents discovery among youths, they are able to use their leisure time well in perfecting their talents thus, reduced criminal activities among within the societies which young people tend to engage in. There are three theories in relation to the role of mass media in the society which is; the limited-effects theory, the class-dominant theory and the culturist theory. The limited effects theory is a medium theory which argues that mass media message influence on an individual is limited. Most people are influenced by direct propaganda manipulation thus giving rise to a moderate opinion on the power of mass media. According to limited effect theory the public is viewed as independent and knowledgeable in that they are not easily persuaded.

According to limited effect theory, the media does not count in any way in shaping public opinion as it is regarded to be powerless. The class-dominant theory argues that the media is under the influence of those people who own media corporations and the information. The information delivered to the public is likely to be tampered with to the largest marketing sector to enable them to remain competitive in their field. Also, journalists may alter the original story and delivery to the public to suit their interests.

The culturist theory, which is the major sociological perspective theory, claims that people understand differently the information they obtain from mass media thus the intended message may not be of help to the public. Since it is open to all both adults and children, anyone can watch, listen, or read whatever he or she wants even when the message is spoiling individual’s thoughts. For example, it is not advisable for children to read, watch, or listen to anything related to sex (Farley et al., pp. 989-995). This is because they may tend to practice it thus, there may be increased cases of unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases leading to a spoilt society.

Social forces that shape the development and use of mass media may either be positive or negative. These forces include; education, social status, and age whereby each factor has its positive and negative side. Through education, people are able to read and understand the message thereby benefiting from various forms of social media by receiving the intended message.

Through proper understanding by individuals, mass media may develop fast and can be used more, thus, less work by news givers as all can understand the language used. On the other hand, a large group of people illiterate in that to read and understand or see and understand is a big issue affecting them. This may affect the media negatively both in its development and usage as they will try to provide information that equally benefits the literate and illiterate users. Social status includes both rich and the poor. The rich are able to obtain all the information from any form of mass media including internet as all these forms of mass media requires a person to have money to access them.

Financial stability as a social force promotes the development and use of media through buying those materials. The poor can obtain information but their way of receiving it is limited. They cannot be able to obtain all the information they need as they are not in a position to acquire them due to financial levels. This social force may pull behind the development and use of mass communication. Age may develop and improve on mass communication as people of various age groups and gender usually reads more and more on what is evolving in their world. Youths, for instance, may read more on what is trending in fashion as a large number who finds fashion cool are youths, unlike the old people. In conclusion, media has the capability to bring about change both on a social and government level (Ma, Caiwei & Norman, pp. 217-239). The general public should support the news-givers as it is because of the people are kept updated

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