Sources of Pollutants in Coastal Environment

Sources of Pollutants in Coastal Environment

Pollution is introduction of any foreign substance causing negative effects to the environment in which they have been introduced. Pollutants are substances that cause unwanted effects in the environment.

The coast is a strip of land extending from the coastline, which borders the sea to where the land rises inland (M. Vikas et al. 1). Coastal environments are prone to pollution from various sources mainly from human activities. This essay seeks to find out these pollution sources.

Farming activities. Pollution to the marine activities comes from the land. Soil tillage involves disintegrating soil structure leading to loosening of soil particles. These particles carried by run offs deposited in the rivers end up in the coasts where rivers drain. It should be noted soil contains nutritional resources such as minerals that once deposited in the coasts cause increased concentration of nutrients. This in turn results to eutrophication whose effect in the said environment is oxygen depletion in the waters killing marine life.

Oil spills. Spillage of oils in coasts emanate from offshore oil drilling, oil tanker operations and natural seepage. Low level oil contamination can kill larvae causing diseases in marine life. Coagulated oil litters beaches and coastal habitats.

Plastics. Sources of plastics in coastal areas can include fishing nets, cargo and cruise ships, beach litter and wastes from industries. When plastic debris is discarded in the waters they entangle marine life and can be mistaken for food. Fishing gear that accidentally break into waters continue catching fish which rot in waters. Since plastics are not degradable, once deposited on beaches litter them and cause health hazard to beach users.

Major pollutants discussed above make coasts toxic for marine life and are generally an eye sore in the beaches.
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