Staffing Levels and Quality

Staffing Levels and Quality

The recommendations for how the organization should staff its operations, focusing on strategic decisions about staffing levels and quality is as described below. Some of the levels of staffing are;

Source or Initiate abilities

The organization should prioritize on this plan of action. In the case of an upcoming store, they should source abilities from outside and also transfer workers from the already existing stores to the new stores to help train and create ease for the current workers.  Looking at the case study, the organization should initiate their natural abilities internally based on their unyielding culture that encourages workers involvement in decision making and operations of the company affairs. This would create cohesion among the employees and aid the employees to feel at ease working in the company.

Employ oneself or source outside

For centralization of the Human Resource Department to be a success, the company should consider employing workers from outside. This will aid the organization gain an advantage and go a step ahead over its competitors in the industry. Tangle wood can also source for strategies aimed at developing its employees.

Employing externally or internally

Tangle woods culture and mode of operations show a strong sense of cohesion and oneness. Its entire workforce has a close operational relationship and acts as one unit. It would be advantageous for the organization to consider employing individuals internally for the senior management posts. This will, in turn, strengthen its culture and unity. For the subordinate positions, it ought to have to employ individuals from outside.

Employ or secure employees

The organization should seek to secure their employees. This will be advantageous to Tangle wood as no interruptions will be experienced in its operations. For the company to be successful in filling the senior management posts, securing workers will be essential. Also, the company aims at maintaining its strong culture and values. This will only be successful if the company secured its employees.

Core or Flexible employees

The company ought to have to maintain a core workforce considering shift operations are based on teamwork, and changes should be minimized. The employees know each other; it will support the straight talk notion. It will also help the workers relate well to the customers and thus raise the organizations market share.

National or global

Looking at the national view, Tangle wood is divided into twelve regional divisions. Each of the divisions operates basing on its cultures and values. The various functions under the divisions operate by its cultures and values, but there is a necessity for similarity in operation for the functions. The presence of competitors in the industry such as Dillards, J.C. Penny, and Sears means that Tangle wood ought’s to outsource or use foreign talents to gain an upper hand. For instance, online store management, review, and maintenance should be foreign sourced. This will raise the return on assets and consequently reduce the escalating information technology costs.  The reduced costs will increase the organization’s profitability index.

Allure or relocate

Alluring new workers should be a Tangle woods major action plan. The company can attain this by the help of its culture and values. If there is clarity in communication on the employment opportunities, potential workers will be attracted to join the retailer. The remunerations in the form of bonuses given to the employees for better performance will allure workers to better their performances.

Overstaffing and understaffing

Looking at the retailer’s employee composition, it proves that it is overstaffed than its competitors. Focusing on its framework, two hundred and fifteen workers per store are many. Its competitors such as Kohl are generating much more revenue amounts and still have a smaller number of workers. The company should consider lowering the number of workers at the middle and lower management positions to reduce costs. It will help reduce the number of store associates as these positions could be substituted with much smaller and better-trained workers. Reducing the physical potency of the employees will raise the return on investment figures.

Short term and long-term goals

Tangle wood should aim to increase its operations and allure more clients in the long run. This will give the organization an upper hand by raising the number of potential customers and potential customer per store. It will help raise the retailer’s share of the market. The retailer should focus on reducing expenses and developing the human resource function in the short run.

Some of the staffing qualities are as follows;

Job, person, organization match

The organization should source for individuals who have beliefs that go hand in hand with the culture and values of Tangle wood. This will give the organization a competitive advantage.

Specific or general knowledge, skills, and abilities

The company should source workers who have specific knowledge, skills, and abilities. Company operations are team based and so, selecting the specific knowledge skills, and abilities will create and raise cohesion among the workers. This will also result in better services being rendered to the company’s clients.

Exceptional or acceptable employee quality

The company should recruit exceptional workers to raise the customer service level and gain a competitive advantage over other retailers in the industry.

Active or passive diversity

Tangle wood prioritizes specificity by raising its attention on outdoor activity. I would encourage the company to select passive diverse employees as it will aid the workers to have a better relationship with themselves and the clients.


I would recommend the vice president for human resources and the staffing director of the organization to follow the values and culture of the organization. The retailer should aim to raise their abilities internally, employ internal workers for top management positions and secure a productive core employee base. It should encourage employee participation to maintain and allure more clients. They should also focus on improving their service to their clients to ensure satisfaction.This will assure Tangle wood an advantage over its competitors and guarantee it

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