State Regal Marine’s mission in your own words. Answer: ‘to provide luxurious, innovative and finest quality boats that fulfil customers’ pleasure and to be optimistic and imaginative to manufacture innovative marina boats

Strategy at Regal Marine

This case study revolves around the boat manufacturing company ‘Regal Marine’. In 1969, this boat industry was established by Paul and Carol. Its headquarters are situated in Orlando, Florida. Regal Marine manufactures lavish and high-quality boats and gains the status of world largest boat producers in US.
Summary of the case and answering questions are described below:

Regal Marine is amongst ten US renowned boat manufacturers that provide luxurious facilities to its customers. Continuous innovation, distinctive features and finest quality differentiate Regal Marine from its competitors. Likewise, Marine is capable to combat its gigantic competitor ‘Brunswick’ by means of great economy measures in procurement. Marine enhance its flexibility and perfection by catering large number of suppliers. On positive node, Marine is seizing virtuous market share and clearing its outstanding arrears.

Study Questions
1. State Regal Marine’s mission in your own words.
Answer: ‘to provide luxurious, innovative and finest quality boats that fulfil customers’ pleasure and to be optimistic and imaginative to manufacture innovative marina boats.’

2. Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are relevant to the strategy of Regal Marine.
Answer: Strengths:
• As Regal Marine is capturing high market share, thus it is competent to customization in order to gratify customer’s demand.
• Constant innovation such as CAD –computer-aided design.
• Control over defects and damages.
• Wide variety that fulfil customer’s satisfaction.

• Product life-cycle is short.
• Extra material budget is engaged.

• Regal could expand industry by producing casual boats that everyone can afford
• Could enhance features by offering Wi-Fi connections and family-oriented environment.

• Billion-dollar competitor ‘Brunswick’. Other competitors could emerge with some fresh technology.
• In the long run, industry could face challenges as boats and canoe are no longer use by people with the passage of time.

3. How would you define Regal’s strategy?
Answer: Regal Marine’s foremost strategy is to create differentiation by embedding innovative techniques and creative features. Industry also focuses on providing high quality and perfection. Moreover, the strategy of adding new features in boats catches customer’s attraction.
Likewise, Marine welcomes stakeholders and their customers in designing ideas of their own. Thus, customization is also one of the persuasive strategies accompanied by Regal Marine.

4. How would each of the 10 operations management decisions apply to the operations decision making at Regal Marine?
Answer: Following are the ten decisions apply to operations decision making at Regal Marine industry:
i. Inventory Management: Just in time (JIT) has been used in Regal industry. Similar components have also been used in every boat.
ii. Process Controlling: There is different assembly-line implanted in diverse buildings where distinctive models are being manufactured.
iii. Maintenance: The industry maintains its products by quality packaging and warranty with a stated life-time.
iv. Scheduling: By using computer-aided and other communication high-tech, Regal schedules its facilities and shipment properly.
v. Location Strategy: Orlando- Florida is the main location where manufacturing is conducted.
vi. Layout Strategy: Regal Marine covers the approximately thirty hectare size at Orlando.

vii. Quality Management: The industry always concerned about its quality standards. By executing top materials and inspection they produced the finest quality.
viii. Service Design: Regal has structured mainly 27 distinctive and lavish designs to satisfy their customers.
ix. Human Resource Management: The industry associate itself with Orlando personnel agency for outsourcing, repairing and boat construction.
x. Supply Chain Management: Suppliers are the key source of every organization. Thus, there are a wide range of suppliers at Regal; approximately 125 vendors working in US while 50 dealers are employed in other different countries. To gain more flexibility and perfection, they are planning to hire more suppliers.

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