Stephen Peterson

Stephen Peterson

Germany was a country in ruin at the onset of the Thirty Year War. Duke Maximilian I, an elector absolutist that ruled through the period of the Thirty Year War was responsible for the financial stability and further development of Bavaria [1]. Although his rule was more in line with that of a monarch are dictator, he encouraged agriculture and industries and building, even the restoration of churches and monasteries. The judicial system was reorganized and a militia was founded. To some the iron fist style rule may have been a difficult time for Bavaria, but it established a unity and order, which would also lead to the territorial growth of Bavaria. Maximilian rule was successful to the extent that at the Peace of Westphalia, the territorial gains made during the war were retained [2]. Straying far from his father’s footsteps, Elector, Maximilian II Immanuel, who ruled from 1679 – 1726, succeeded in undoing what his father had set in place and brought his country to war with the Ottoman Empire. The electorate line of Maximilian I would actually end in 1777.

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