Summary of a Legal Case decided in your States Federal Court

Summary of a Legal Case decided in your States Federal Court

The case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellersted, 576 U.S (2016) is a case, which was concerned with the provision of laws related to abortion (Harvard Law Review Association, et al., 2015). The United States Supreme Court decided the case on 27th June 2016 with the ruling that Texas did not have the mandate to restrict the delivery of the services of abortion to the women (Ekern & Hames, 2014). The petitioners include the group of persons providing abortion services who have sued the state of Texas aiming at invalidating the provisions of the House Bill 2 passed by the Texas Legislature (Mansfield & Hairston, 2015). The petitioners argue on the basis that the House Bill 2 has constituted to the unreasonable and arbitrary state of action through unlawful delegation of the lawmaking authority and denial of equal protection of the women.

On 27th June, the United States Supreme Court ruled with a 5-3 vote that the Texas Legislature was not in place of restricting the provision of the abortion amenities which generate the uncalled-for encumbrance to women looking for the services. Therefore, the challenged section of the Texas Law of the House Bill 2 was invalid. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit acknowledged the dismissal of the unlawful delegation, unreasonable state action, and the equal defense claims since the complainants did not show that they placed a considerable encumbrance on the woman who was in search of the abortion.

Agency responsible for the Issuance of Student Visas

The government agency within the United States that is responsible for managing the student Visa is the United States Department of States. It provides the visa and is responsible for the application process and the issuance of the visa (Olson, 2015). The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for granting entry into the United States and enforcing the immigration rules that may affect students on international transfers.


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