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Tangle wood

The effectiveness of each method on Tangle wood’s historical recruiting methods

Based on the Tangle wood cashbook, the most prominent recruitment associates at their divisions in Washington and Oregon are as a result of five methods. The methods include Media, Employee Referrals, Kiosks, Social Service Agencies, as well as Employment Agencies. The following is an evaluation of the five methods with regards to their benefits and also the disadvantages.


The kiosk recruitment method is more productive because of the benefits it provides. This is achieved because of the cost-effectiveness that the approach develops. For instance, there are less working hours in the process which means there is cheap labor and also the approach is more reliable if there is no effective or efficient internet connection at the time. On the other hand, the method is very costly to implement an example is a kiosk machine costs up to $40k, with an additional maintenance and upkeep costs. Moreover, the kiosks require a lot of space to adequately hold frequently increasing numbers of applicants based on working work out basis, which in turn increases the waiting time for applicants which can be tiresome.


Media approach is implemented through the use of radio, television, and print to advertise the Tanglewood positions. As a result, most companies have opted to advertise the positions through technological devices. This is because of the speed to which information is delivered, as well as media is cost-effective, because it is cheaper than other methods. However, the advertisement approach also advertises its information to a larger group which is not effectively qualified meaning that the company was overwhelmed by the recruitment prices before arriving at the best candidate, which can be time-consuming and also capital.

Social Service Agencies

State job service agencies provide services in conducting initial screening and hiring recommendations to the employer.  Therefore, saving and reducing labor hours required to screen and interview all applicants. These agencies can provide training which is funded through employer-subsidized employer-paid payroll taxes and helps secure employment for those seeking it.

This method helps save as well as reduce the recruitment time with regards to the screening time and interviewed done by each candidate. Through the State job service agencies, the candidates can acquire training through the employee’s payroll taxes after the employee can secure a position in the organization which is also a guaranty by the agency. This is achieved through providing the job requirements to the agency for effective screening. Nevertheless, the method is costly in comparison to other recruitment methods, and also it is time-consuming.

Employee Referrals

According to Tanglewood, every employee is provided with an opportunity to earn $100 for every successful employee referrals. This recruitment approach is advantages in many ways. For example, through reducing the recruitment time, saving on advertisement money as well as the approach provides an opportunity to achieve the best candidate. On the other hand, the employee referral method improved employee relationship in the organization which in turn improves the output of the workforce because of the motivation they have. However, the approach also poses some disadvantages to the organization such as employees who lack the referral network mostly fill demotivated because of the high prices and bonuses that the successful referral employees attain. The effect is most common if the successful employee is consecutively

Staffing Agency/Employment Agency

Similar to state job service, staffing agencies are used when the association chooses to outsource the HR assignments. Tanglewood utilizes the employment Agency for their enlistment needs. Employment Agency provides candidates training to their candidates. Regrettably, the overall costs of providing money to staffing agency locating and screening candidates makes much expensive to sustain

Additionally, the recruitment methods might be unsuccessful because of most recruitment agencies are more money minded to the point that they lack the credibility to provide the company with qualified and competent candidates. This is because of increased corruption as well as reducing the number of candidates qualified for the screening process with the aim of saving the interviews cost moreover the agencies might lack the knowledge’s needed to recruit specific positions as well as the need to maintain the organization’s culture in the recruitment process.

Recommendations for how Tanglewood should recruit employees

Tanglewood’s five recruitment methods are all effective based on the different situation however the differences between the five methods should be analyzed to come up with one method that is effective as well as meats the Tanglewood,s employee expectations. This is because Tanglewood organization culture and disciple is one of the factors that keep the company ahead of its competitors in the same industry.

As a result, Tanglewood should invest their time and resources in implementing the media recruitment method. This is because through this method Tanglewood can market id human resource requirement to a larger market base meaning that the three is higher chances of having the required KSAOs requirements form the candidates. Moreover, the method is more effective compared to other methods that Tanglewood uses. On the other hand, the disadvantages developed by the method is considerable with regards to the speed to which information is derived the number of candidates, and mostly Tanglewood can maintain  its organizational culture and also there are no extra costs to consider once the advertisement is paid, for instance, maintenance cost based on the kiosk method.

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