Technical skills


Efficient, and efficient performance based on work requirements, excellent communication skills both oral and written, team player, reliable, ability to save on the cost of operation and a safety-minded manager of employees and work equipment.

Technical skills

  1. Cost Control and Reduction
  2. Motivational speaker
  3. Time Management
  4. Good interpersonal skills
  5. Process Improvements
  6. Change Management
  7. Strong analytical and evaluation skills
  8. Excellence communication skills

Personal achievements

Management techniques

Implementing time administrative systems, this was meant to improve timeliness of works as well as improve on quality and quantity of service delivered.

Decreasing the human labor force with regards to numbers yet increasing output levels of each employee. As a result, increased profits and reduces operating cost.

Process Improvements

Capabilities to implement new strategies to make work easier through creativity and innovation and also attain personal and organization objectives in time.


Office Manager at Naba Contraction Company 2017


Managing the day to day activities of the construction, dived daily work or schedule for every employee and there, supervisors, coordinate the supply of construction materials, modulate labor and also monitor the safety-ness of the construction site

Internship at firm based restaurant 2015
Schedule employees work duties as well as time.
Manage the purchasing process of the restaurant with regards to financial factors.
Oversee the kitchen activities in order to maintain quality and timely meals at the restaurant



Accounting and finance institute of New York

2014 certified public accountant (CPA)

New York University

2013 Diploma project management


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