Technology Advancements in Business and Economics

Technology Advancements in Business and Economics

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Specific purpose: The technology has contributed towards business and economic advancements in the United States


The business world had stayed in a stagnant state for quite a long time after the industrial revolution. But it would be true to say that such an incidence will never happen again. Ever since the introduction of technology, businesses have grown so fast you can’t help but be carried away by the waves. Technology here involves the use of machines like computers to replace most of the work that was previously done by humans.

Orienting materials

  1. Almost all businesses in the United States today have opted the use technology hence reducing job opportunities for humans
  2. Technology has brought enhancements in business in Mobile solutions, Extreme customer segmentation, and decreasing cost or increasing functionality

The paper will center its focus on the various ways that technology has contributed to the advancement of businesses in the United States.


  1. Technology has made many businesses more mobile.
  • If your smart device is loaded with the required software, then all your businesses can be accessed and handled remotely
  • Many customers are using mobile to purchase, order, sell or even find a local shop and also share their experiences with their friends over the phone.
  • Marketing and advertisements are being carried out online through social media which all mobile phones have access to them.
  1. Technology has enhanced more customer segregation in businesses.
  • It has made easier for companies to know what customers are looking for.
  • A simple Google account can help you see who your visitors are, where they come from, what data they are looking for and even how long they stay on your website.
  1. Technology has brought about the decrease in cost of production and increased functionality at the same time.
  • Hardware and software to help in this have become easily accessible and cheap to afford.
  • Multiplication of innovative minds who can exploit these services.


The use of technology has resulted in advancements of businesses in the United States. It has brought about more mobility in businesses, extreme customer segregation and decreasing cost which results in increasing functionality. The introduction of technology has brought many benefits to the business sector.


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