Technology has rapidly grown in the current age. It is here to stay and thus companies need to come up with styles and modes in which they must differentiate their brands and products (Mills, 2002). One of the ways in which the companies would use technology is through production of unique logos for their brand. It will ensure that the customers are not confused by logos that look almost same but represent different companies. Technology use enables companies to effectively market their products. Use of better marketing tools than other companies enables the companies to ensure that they have a larger market segment than their rivals (Burns, 2000).

Proper use of technology in the companies will also allow the companies running and management to be different from that of other companies considering the rate at which one company is applying the current technology as compared to other companies that are not employing the same technology or are using a superior or inferior technology (Gutschmidt, 2016). When a company uses superior technology than its rival, it is bound to prosper and be famous both to its customers and to its workers both in terms of accessibility and work load management by the workers.

Technology when used properly in the company will enable quicker production by the company. It will also ensure that the production produces good quality goods. In order to differentiate their products from those of their competitors by use of technology, companies must ensure the technology they use are of top quality and up-to-date so as to have a competitive edge against other companies producing similar goods. Also they should use the technology to enhance their awareness in the market to the clients (Mills, 2014).


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