Technology in Nursing

Technology in Nursing

Emerging technologies

  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Robotics
  • Biometrics

Impact on nursing practice

Genetics and Genomics

The work of Ramundo (2012) indicates that the technology has a predictive value that has enabled easier identification of gene mutations that might put an individual at risk of contracting maladies such as cancer. The application in nursing practice has significantly improved diagnostic and interventional medicine. The advances in the health care using genetics and genomics has made significant inroads in detecting cancer and preventing birth defects.


According to Ramundo (2012) the technology has helped to address the problem of workforce shortage and has led to realization of high quality healthcare. The advancement has enabled use of robots as direct care providers to patients. Moreover, Ramundo (2012) notes that the researchers have fitted the device with sensors and sensitive skin technologies to serve as medical communicator for children thereby impacting nursing practice positively.


The technology has greatly transformed nursing practice through improvement in ensuring confidentiality and security of patient data by proving needed security for medical records. Furthermore, transformation has occurred through elimination of the costs of managing lost healthcare passwords (Ramundo, 2012). The advancement has enabled easier and accurate identification of people such as nurses and patients through physical characteristics such as retinal scans, voice recognition and facial structure (Ramundo, 2012).

Meeting the National Patient Safety Goals

The hospital where I work uses Genetics and genomics to guarantee patient safety by ensuring presence of quality and safety of medical genetic tests by taking laboratory measures and provision of non-directive counselling and other support services. Robotics addresses patient safety through use of less invasive diagnostic techniques that provide comfortable experience for the patient (National Patient Safety Goals, 2009). Biometrics technology safeguards a patient confidential data by creating need for authorization to access the individual’s information. The technology asks for signing in using body physical characterises such as facial structure meaning that not just anybody can access the health records other than the authorised practitioners.


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