Technology in the police department

Technology in the police department

According to the article, communication is the main factor or backbone of every activity or service delivered by the police department. This is because, through improved and effective communication, police are able to deliver their services on time, for instance, emergency calls and crime mapping in order to counter the criminal activities in their jurisdictions. On the other hand, the main focus of technology to the polices has been to improve their scrutiny by civil movements that are anxious about privacy rights as well as map-based applications which are able to notify them on locations of known criminal areas . Conclusively the technological improvement in the police department is aimed towards achieving more reliable connection and faster connections

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Author(s) and title of the article and the name of the journal

The article How Police Departments are Harnessing Technology to Make a Difference is written by Desmond J Racicot and later published it in the year 2017 on February. The article is also available on  (Racicot, D. (2018).

Key terms in the article


Collaborative resources;

Fatal stabbing

Video networks

Case scenario

Focus of study

The primary focus, of this study, is to showcase how relevant and important the cameras and videos fitted in the police cars help solve cases in the court and also, improve police judgment how best to counter crime in specific areas.

Conclusions of the author(s)

Through improved and high-tech technology as well as its implementation the police are able to work effectively with reduces the number of policemen and also the time required to solve crime. For instance, technology is able to assist view evidence, work through the parameters of the case as well as solve logistical matters through collaborative resources

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As a result of the article analysis, technology has reduced the number of policemen or women required for a specific mission or any agenda required, while on the other hand, it saves on capital required to maintain effective and efficient service delivery to members of the community. This is achieved through integrated and transformative messaging and secure video networks that monitor daily police activities and also aid in helping the justice system. Currently, Judges, prosecutors as well as the wrongdoers are able to meet through online platforms from multiple locations, and successfully transact bails and also other types of court hearings. As a result of such technological advancement transportation cost and other logistical risks that arise in the movement are reduced, for example, transportation of inmate from the jail.

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Author(s) and title of the article and the name of the journal

The article’s author is ELERT, entitled How Technology Made The Job Of Policing Better  Elert & Associates. The article was published in 2013 by Elert & Associates.

Key terms in the article

Computer Aided Dispatch

Graphical Interface System

Record Management System (RMS)

Geographic area


Focus of study

The main focus of the study is to evaluate how to minims the crime rates with regards to the ever-increasing population as well as the improved levels of crime in major cities and streets.


According to the author the increase in population call for immediate action for almost any country or city that is developing. In addition, economic constraints from the society pose the crime rate to more and advanced measures making police have more difficult time is solving crime. As a result of the current times, technology is a crucial and paramount tool to implement.

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As time proceeds and new innovations are made and executed, the activity of the cop and some other open hireling will end up noticeably less demanding, yet more significantly, it will wind up plainly more secure. At last, this is the activity of all crisis reaction and open wellbeing staff, to ensure and serve. What’s more, for that they merit our appreciation, as well as the best innovation we can offer them. Gratefully, there are some extraordinary innovations out there with which to assist them with, and that comes as CADs and GISs (Elert & Associates | Risk Management Services | Technology Consultants. 2018)

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