Terrorist threat policy

Terrorist threat policy

Policy analysis is a systematic assessment of the technical and political suggestion of alternatives put forward to solve any kind of problem affecting the public. Policy analysis may be carried by following several steps. They involve; verification of the problem, the formation of evaluation standard, recognition of various forms of plans, evaluation of alternative approaches, exhibiting and differentiation of those approaches and tracking of the developed policy. This procedure helps in problem-solving thus, ensuring a peaceful and a conducive working environment nation (Mann, 2014). Terrorist Threats policy is an existing homeland security-related policy which is displayed when an individual threatens to conduct a given crime of violence to another person with the intention of terrorizing him or her. The act of terrorism in most cases brings about fear, and terror in individuals and nations thus, there is deterioration of peace. Terrorist threats may be through words or action such as war occurrence which may lead to deaths among the public.

The main objective of terrorist threat policy is to ensure the criminal does not obtain any kind of information regarding the military. To achieve their objective policy maker and intelligence bodies join their efforts to acquire, analyze and disseminate the information. With the idea of what kind of information to gather, where to get it, and who is supposed to have it is easier for the policy body to work better towards ensuring a threat-free state. Terrorist threat policy is aimed at discouraging terrorism action and also punishing those individuals who may happen to threat any person. The terrorist threat policy is looking forward to developing their skills and means for dealing with terrorism at any time as those acts are unpredictable. This in return will lead to improved government duty in protecting its citizens.

Terrorist threat policy has improved on various government techniques of fighting with terrorism. These techniques are screening of airline passengers, people from other countries, goods from other nations, and increased resources to local public health system and emergency means of passing information. Custom officers as a terrorist threat policy have improved on cargo screening using radiation detectors and x-ray scanners as a way of curbing terrorism acts. Immigration officers too have improved on foreign checks on individuals from outside the country using upgraded databases. The department of Homeland Security has commenced gathering of data on vulnerabilities in the country’s important infrastructure as a way of fighting against terrorism and its effects. Homeland security also provides the government with information on predicted terrorism attacks for the government to take action as attacks leads to severe damages of country’s resources.

Terrorism is mainly performed by people who know that particular targeted place or an individual well for instance either for revenge, personal gains in terms of cash or just for destruction purposes. According to terrorist threat, terrorism is punishable in that any person who may be found committing the crime should be severely punished by the government as it mainly affects the country. Punishments differ depending on their level and severity they cause. For example, terrorists that lead to death may be jailed for life or death sentence to be passed upon them while those terrorists who do not commit major crimes may be jailed for ten years for instance. Advancement of means of sharing information by homeland security among individuals themselves and with the government regarding terrorism may also lead to reduced incidences of crime occurrence.

With terrorism affecting the western world, homeland security body has a duty to keep their fellow citizens safe from terrorism threats through various ways which include; keep in touch, be supportive, and remain vigilant. Since terrorism existence the security body is looking forward to improve on their techniques for getting those terrorists in their hands within a short period of time. This leads to reduced cases of terrorist’s attacks. The homeland security body should spend ample time in setting priorities, supplying technical assistance and ensuring the data is of high quality for great outcome on problem solving thus, enabling a safe nation. Intelligence architecture should be structured in a way that ensures privacy relating to crime investigations are well guarded for proper performance. This is because, if they fail to guard the information, and it leaks to the general public, terrorists might come up with a new plan thus, they may not handle the situation.

Education and training can be offered by homeland security to their fellow citizens to educate them on the means through which they can save their lives in case anything unfavorable happens to them. They obtain knowledge on various ways of reducing terrorist attacks through using different routes to work and making unannounced trips to field sites thus, becoming unpredictable by the terrorists. The planned terrorist attack might never take place or reduced cases of terrorism as that technique confuses the terrorists (Regens, Mould, Jensen & Graves, 2016). Terrorist threat policy should be supportive to its citizens in all means and at any cost possible such as providence of assistance program to employees that allows them to access a 24-hour confidential helpline. This technique enables employees to be confident in their work zone thus, increased productivity in a given organization

Homeland security should be watchful. They should be alert for anything which might happen and be ready to handle it. They should take precautions which are necessary for problem solving procedure which leads to reduced crime acts. Policymakers should be careful while defining new structure on data collection regarding the nation’s security to ensure more favorable outcomes regarding terrorism act. They should keep the new technique private and confidential without exposing it to people as the crime offenders are among the general public. Improved technology leads to improved means of communication which ensures the information reaches the targeted body and at the right time. Once there are terrorist activities within a particular organization or within the country, people are unable to operate in their field of work because they might fear of being attacked by those heartless individuals

Generally, terrorism is an act which pulls the nation’s development behind as it is associated with unfavorable outcomes. There will be reduced standards of living among citizen as they do not work and also reduced revenues to the government. As the other nations prosper economically, the affected nation will deteriorate due to many damages within such as property destruction like roads, malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals for instance. Thus, homeland security should work smart and to their potential for a non-terrorism nation. To conclude, the government should offer education and training to its citizens on the importance and disadvantages of terrorism activities thus, ensuring a peaceful nation. The conducive working environment promotes individuals standards of living as they can work peacefully (Bowen, Fidgeon & Page, 2014). The security body should ensure that it has more than enough employees as security is a very crucial field in every country. Enough security givers will ensure that every part of the nation is well protected.



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