Terrorist Threats

Terrorist Threats (NSPD 9, HSPD 2

The primary purpose of this policy was to combat terrorism through immigration policies. This policy was provoked by the September 11, 2001, attacks. It marked the end of American friendliness to immigrants as well as visitors. This attack revealed that some of the visiting aliens were involved in terrorist attacks as well as raise funds towards terrorist activities. Some of the migrants not only supported terrorist activities in the United States but also abroad. This policy works on prevention of aliens who support or engage in terrorist activities from gaining entrance into the United States at all course (Rose, n.d). It gives the authority rights to detain, deport and prosecute any immigrants.

Roles and responsibility of the policy included enhancement of INS as well as Customs Enforcement capability. It prompted the immediate development and implementation of a multi-year plan that aimed at enhancing investigation as well as intelligence analysis by the INS as well as custom services. Its principal objective was to increase the efforts to locate, identify, prosecute and detain immigrants who are associated or suspected to have been involved in terrorist activities (Rose, n.d).

Another role was to prevent abuse of the status of the international student. It did not mean that it would stop the international student’s program but to put into place measures to prevent the abuse of student visas as well as illegalize certain training and education in sensitive disciplines from international students (Rose, n.d). It was to ensure that foreign citizens do not harm the united states from the training they acquired as international students.

It also put into place north American immigration policy. It was to ensure strict measure to control migration from Canada and Mexico through a maximum compatibility of customs, immigration as well as visa policies (Rose, n.d). It endeavored to provide strict border entry and hinder illegal cross-border trade that existed along the frontier.


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