The Culture in the Southern Region in the USA

The Culture in the Southern Region in the USA

Many southern regions in the United States of America are characterized by the almost the same cuisine and culture. However, people are interested in knowing the difference that exists among the societies in the regions (Beth & Latshaw, 2009). The states include; Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, North and South California, Tennessee, Florida, and Kentucky.

Culture of Southern United States

The southern culture is termed as the subculture. This is because it is the combination of different cultures of southerners, which hold them together and separate the inhabitants from the rest of the regions. Beth and Latshaw (2009) assert that the residents are proud of their native ground and proudly introduce themselves to be Georgians, Alabamans, and Virginians among other regions. Additionally, they are patriotic and are proud of their states (Beth & Latshaw, 2009). The southern culture is more socially conservative compared with the rest of the country. Southerners have developed their unique customs such as music, Religion, literature, and cuisine.


The southern religion is known as “Bible Belt”, because of evangelical Episcopalian. Jews who migrated to the region from New York dominate South Florida.  Also, Buddhism and Hinduism is common in the region which was brought by immigrants from Southeast Asia and south Asia. Furthermore, most of the southerners attend church on regular basis.


According to Beth & Latshaw (2009), literature started in a small region of Missouri. Mark Twain is one of the greatest Southern writers. He expressed his extensive knowledge of Mississippi River and the south. Moreover, he focused on servitude and the culture of the protestant public. The best-known southern writer in the 20th century is William Faulkner who was a Nobel Prize laureate in 1949. Faulkner established new techniques like stream of consciousness and other compound skills to American writing. Faulkner was part of the southern literature rebirth. It dates back in the year 1920 with the emergence of authors such as Faulkner, Caroline Gordon, Allen Tate and others. The\e writers addressed southern intellectual life as well as criticism of southern culture by outsiders. Later on, more writers emerged who advanced the southern literature to a higher level.


Both black and white people reinforced the musical theme of the south. The musical heritage started prior to emergence of civil battle by the ancient traditional melodies acquired in United Kingdom and Ireland. In the beginning of the 20th century, African Americans developed the Blues. In addition, there are many other kinds of music developed in the southern region. They include; Old-time music, rock, and roll, gospel music, country music, beach music, soul music, spirituals, funk, and jazz. In general, south offers large underground in the music industry.


Southern culinary culture has copied Native American dietary. The southerners believe that if food is not fried, then it is not cooked. The traditional African American southern food is referred to as soul food. It consists of a variety of herbs and flour. In addition, there are some notable southern home cooking meals, which include fried chicken vegetable stew, chicken, and dumpling, greens with pot liquor among others (Beth & Latshaw, 2009). However, southern have adopted corn meal, Brunswick stew and few others from southeastern Indians.

Conclusively, the southern culture has been unique and has attracted a large group of people to studying it. Most of it originated there and spread to the rest of the country. However, some of the cultures are borrowed from others who surrounds them.


Beth A. & Latshaw. (2009). Food for Thought: Race, Region, Identity, and Foodways in the American South. Southern Cultures, 15(4), 106-128. doi:10.1353/scu.0.0080

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