The Easter rebellion

The Easter rebellion

Easter rebellion was similarly known as the Easter uprising. It is an armed uprising that was conducted in Ireland during an Easter week in April 1916. The primary purpose of the rebellion was to fight off the British rule in Ireland and make Irish a republic. The rising started on the Easter week and lasted for six days in the entire week. The people who were involved in the war were led by an Irish language activist who was then Patrick Pearse who assembled some Irish volunteers and some other 200 women from Cumann.[1] The group took over some key locations such as Dublin and announced Irish as a republic. Due to that, the British army brought in more of their forces who took to the streets and started to fire all over the city. Critically the uprising had been planned for a few months before it happened because Germany had sent a lot of weapons to the rebels. Before the weapons arrived the British army intercepted them, and they were seized.

However, British had better weapons and reinforced forces which made them suppress the rebels. The leader of the rebels surrendered on the 29th of April which was on Sunday although some fights were still going on in minor towns. The fight led to approximately 3500 people being taken into prisons by the British while the leaders of the rebellion who were later apprehended were executed in Britain. From the statistics that were carried, it was found that the rising resulted to the death of 485 people of which 260 were civilians, 126 British forces, 82 Irish rebels and 17 police.[2] It is important to note that some of the survivors of the rebellion went on and became leaders of the independent Irish state.



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